Last Will and Testament of R. L. Watkins


    I, R. L. Watkins hereby declare this to be my Last Will & Testament & do hereby revoke and & all former wills be me made.

    I appoint my wife Helen Watkins & my oldest son Richard M Watkins my Executor, with full power given them to manage & control my property, until it is divided among my children as here in after prescribed & they are expressly relieved from giving bond.
    I devise all my property of every kind, real, personal to my said Executors, except my summer home on Lookout Mountain My said Executors are to hold & manage all my property until my youngest son Chester comes of age: When they are hereby directed to divide all of my property of every kind equally among my three children, share & share alike Should Chester die before reaching his majority, then my Executors are directed to at once divide the property equally among my surviving children or their heirs
    I give & bequeath to my wife Helen Watkins during her life my summer home or residence on Lookout Mountain & direct that at her death, this piece of property be sold and the proceeds of the sale be divided equally among my three children or their heirs
    I direct my Executors in the division of my estate to charge my two sons Richard M Watkins and Arthur J Watkins with the money I have advanced them since their respective marriages These amounts will be found by reference to my cash books & checks.
    In the event of the death of either or any of my children, before this will takes effect or there is a division of my property I direct that the heirs of said child shall receive the property that would have gone to my deceased child.

    Witness my hand this December 14 1894
                                                R L Watkins


H Whiteside
M Whiteside

Filed & Probated December 31 1894
                                L M Clark Clerk

  Hamilton County Tennessee Will Book 3
Transcribed by Dennis C. Wilson