Will of Gilbert Vandergriff

Transcribed and submitted by Jean Kinzalow

Last Will and Testament of Gilbert Vandergriff dec'd.


State of Tennessee

Hamilton County


I Gilbert Vandergriff do make this my last and only will but revoking all others that might be proposed to be my will.


First - I desire that all my Just debts and burial expenses be paid out of my personal property.


2nd I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Elizabeth all my property both real and personal during her natural life and after her death my desire is that the real estate and what personal property may be left be sold in some way to bring the most money and in away ["away" is written as it appears in the will] that it will bring the highest price. Then out of the proceeds of said sale I desire that my Daughter Sarah Vandergriff have fifteen Hundred Dollars first out of the proceeds of said sale.


3rd I give and bequeath to Polly Ann Doolin Jacob Vandergriff heirs Margaret Scott Jane Brown and Hile Vandergriff the balance of the proceeds of said sale of said property to be equely divided Shear and Shear alike Jacobs heir [there was no "s"] to be one shear and


Lastly - I appoint A Seleen my executor to carry out the conditions of this Will and to do all and every thing required in the premises and after it being read in my hearing I cordialy approve the same this the 12" day of April AD 1877.


I am now in my right mind and this is what I always intended to do.


Gilbert (his mark) Vandergriff


Signed in the presence of us

R M Brown

E R Maslin

Hamilton Adams