Last Will and Testament of 
Charles Thomas Morgan

            I, C. T. Morgan, being of sound mind and disposing memory and reasonable health make this my last will and testament.


SEC 1. I appoint L. C. Morgan (Luther), Executor of my estate without bond and I vest him with the power to eliminate any heir or heirs who brings up any claims or accounts against my estate.


SEC 2. I will to my wife Zerelda Morgan a child’s part of my estate.


SEC 3. I will my seven children all equal of the balance of my estate.  Mrs. J. B. Wolf (Mamie E.) and Mrs. T. P. Davis (Tennessee P.), Miss L. D. Morgan and J. H. Morgan (Joel H.) do not owe me or my estate.


SEC 4. I direct that my funeral expenses be paid as soon as possible after my burial.


Witness my hand or mark to this my last will and testament.


This January 12th, 1923.


                                                            C.T. Morgan  X



Attest:  C.C. Haven


            Signed in out sight and presence by the testator and at his request and in whose sight and presence and in the sight and presence of each oath we subscribe our names as attesting witnesses.


                                                            W. M. Smith,

                                                             T. M. Green,       Witnesses.


FILED  October 14th, 1924

Probate Record #26  Page 463

Hamilton County, Tennessee


Submitted by Phebe Morgan