Last Will and Testament of 
George Levi

Transcribed and Submitted by
Jean Kinzalow


The State of Tennessee
In the name of God , amen. I George Levi of the County of Hamilton and the State of Tennessee Having been blessed to live to a ripe age in life. And blessed in some of the goods of this World. Am of sound mind and disposing memory. And knowing that at most I cannot live many years longer And desiring to avoid litigation about any of my property or effects after my death, And to designate clearly myself the objects of my bounty and the persons to enjoy it and the manner and proportion of such enjoyment, Do make ordain and publish this as my last will and testament. VizXXXXXXXXXX

1st I commend my spirit to God Who gave it And pray its acceptance in
2nd I desere that my boddy be plainly but decently buried.
3rd That all my just debts be paid if any owing.
4th I give bequeath and devise my Estate and property as follows Viz. To my beloved wife Mary A. Levi, my present wife and the mother or our little daughter Martha A. Levi who is young and of under years And the only issue of mine by my wife aforesaid (50) fifty acres of land Which is more fully described as follows. Beginning on the top of the hill in the corner of the Widow Gann or Wm. & Kate Gann land at the three bushes chesnut I think near a poplar on the Gann land Thence a (word smeared) these directions along James Adams line. So as to include about one half of my old home place apple orchard to a rock and walnut tree thence south some degrees West as five polls Still with James Adams line to the top of the face of the mountain to a rock thence north some degrees East to the Pickett and Levi line, thence with this line a South West coarse to the corner in the old Original line of Levi and Hixson Then along said line to a lynn and Birch at the foot of a steep ridge thence across the point of the Ridge, along Mrs. Gann's line to the Beginning. The said to contain Fifty acres, more or less, The dwelling house with buildings and Part of the apple orchard as above described. I devise all the above described land and improvements thereon to my Beloved wife aforesaid during her natural life, and also all the present growing crops of every land and character for this year 1889.
5th I bequeath to my beloved child Martha A. Levi, aforesaid, one note of hand which I now hold on R. M. Brown and Nancy Brown for one hundred and two dollars dated the 1st day of April, 1889 and due 15th Nove. 1889. And also Two Hundred Dollars cash to be used for her by her mother in Raising and educating her.
6th And I bequeath to my Beloved wife Mary A. Levi three milk cows, two calves all the hogs own on hand. One old sorrell mare and one old sorrel horse. And all my house hold goods and house hold furniture of every kind and character. Such as all the beds, bed clothing, bed steads, chairs, trunks, spinning wheels, cooking utensels table ware, knives & forks, clock & bookcase and all the books. This Bequest is to include everything in the house of a house hold character. And all the farming utensils gearing &c.
7th I bequeath to my step son John H. McClary the son of my present wife by D. W. McClary decd. and which I have the care and custody of and he is working for me and waiting on me in my old age, one Clay Bank filly which is one year old past.
8th And lastly I hereby appoint my true and trusty Wife, Mary A. Levi my Executrix to to [it is repeated] this my last and only Will and Testament Without Bonds to carry out the same to the letter and spirit thereof. And that she act as guardian for and have the care and custody and training of our minor child Martha A. Levi. And that she use the funds set apart to her for the purpose of educating her and for her suport.
This 28th day of June A. D. 1889
George Levi

The above instrument as the last Will and Testament of George Levi was read over to him and fully explained to him and understood by him to be his last will and testament. And signed by him in our presence and each of us as subscribing witnesses thereto in the presence of each of us on the day it bears date.
A. P. Hunter
R. M. Brown

Probated June 6 1892