Last Will and Testament of James Gothard

Transcribed and submitted by Donna Barnes

Last Will of James Gothard
My last will and testament this 19th April 1886 I devise and request that all of the real and personal property be
divided between my heirs as follows.  That is to say that I request that my daughter Mary Thirmon, and my son Larkin Gothard, and my son Ira Gothard, and my son John Gothard, and my son Lewis Gothard, and my daughter Arbel Olinger, and my daughter Maholy Morgan, and my daughter Margaret Rogers, and my daughter Ibby Horton, and my daughter Nancy Robinson, and my daughter Elmira Shipley each have and receive one dollar of my effects at my death, and the entire remaining part of both real and personal property remain in the possession of my daughter Elizabeth Gothard to be controlled and used for the support of her and my Grandson, Thomas Coleman who has lived and is now living with us, and the entire right title and interest in the aforesaid real and personal property to remain in her the said Elizabeth Gothard during her natural life time, and after her death I desire and request that the entire right title and interest be vested in my Grandson Thom Coleman to be controlled and converted to his use at his pleasure and desire provided however he the said Thomas Coleman remain with us or provides for our support during our natural lifetime given under our hand and seal this the day and date above mentioned.


James Gothard (his mark ) X   (Seal)


Attest  Peter Bottom

             Wm. Wiffiths (?)

Hamilton County, TN Will Book Vol. 1 pg 267