Last Will and Testament of 
Mrs. W. F. Davis



Chattanooga T. 1/21/1901

Dear Pa -


This is what I understand from your letter this A. M., that in case something happens to me you want to know what I wish done with things.  When you are through with the farm, I would like to have the farm to fall in the hands of my husband, if he is living, if he is not living want $500. to go to Stone Church, and balance to the Methodist Coledge at Delaware Ohio.  The Colt I wish you to have, Edna to have your picture that is enlarged, and my bed room suit, My Watch I want Will to have.  If any money left after my expenses are paid I want it to go to Will, if there is anything more you wish to know about let me know, and I also wish to be burried at Delaware.  I have asked Will to write this as I cannot write it, and it is every word of my own free will, and not a word of it was dictated to me by any one.

                                             Your Daughter.             


                                             Mrs. W. F. Davis

Mrs. Christina Berry

C. S. Durand


Hamilton County, TN

Will Book 3, pg 203

  Submitted by Donna Barnes