Last Will and Testament of 
James E. Davis

I, James E. Davis do make and publish this my last will and testament.


First  I hereby appoint Dr. W. R. McKee of Whitewell Tennessee my Executor and it is my request that he qualify without giving bond.


Second  I desire my Executor to pay out of my effects the following debts - one note in favor of Paul Bradley, Two Hundred and forty odd Dollars, dated February 1st 1895.  Another note in favor of Paul Bradley for one hundred and thirty and 70/100 dollars, dated April 10th 1895.  Also another in favor of Paul Bradley for Sixty Six and 45/100 dollars dated April 1st 1895.  A note to my said Executor for One Hundred dollars dated March the 1st 1898.  I also desire my expenses incurred in my last sickness paid in full.


Third  The above debts are to be paid out of my Insurance policy of Two thousand dollars now in the hands of Merchants and Planters National Bank of Sherman Texas held by Paul Bradley to secure the payment of the three notes above described.


Third  The remainder of said Insurance fund I want invested by my said Executor as he thinks best and the interest used in the education and support of my son Roy Clark Davis.


Fourth  I desire my Executor when my son Rooy Clark Davis arrives at the age of fifteen years to use the principal of the money he may have on hand in the education of my son the same to be used by my Executor in his wise discretion so that my son may have as good an education as possible.


Fifth  I desire that my son Roy Clark Davis be left in the custody  and care of his Grandfather R. C. McKee until he is of age.


Sixth  I desire my son Roy Clark Davis to have my old, gold watch, his mother's watch and his mother's plain gold ring.


This May 4th 1898                    

                                                            Jas. E. Davis


Signed sealed delivered and published in the presence of us the subscribing witnesses, and we certify that we saw the testator sign his name to the foregoing will and we have witnessed the same in his presence and the presence of each other, and at his request on the day and date above written.

                                                            R. C. McKee

                                                            Sam Hughes


Probated this May 23rd 1898.  See Probate Record page 616 Volume 10

                                                            Thos. R. Sangster

                                                            Dep. Clerk County Court

Hamilton County, TN
Will Book 3, pg 98

  Submitted by Donna Barnes