Last Will and Testament of 
Allen Carr

I, Allen Carr, being in good sprits and sound mind , and knowing that I may be called off one of these days, do hereby make my last will and testament.

            I bequeath all I own in my own name, in the farm I have near Sherman Heights to my beloved wife Georgia Carr. On the little farm I own I owe about, at the present time Ninety Six ($96.00) dollars which amount is secured by a mortgage given on said farm. This amount will have to be paid off providing it should not have been paid before my death.

            I leave my personal estate, comprising of all tools, household goods, horse buggy and wagon to my wife, Georgia Carr.

            To my children, namely Berry Carr, Mary Carr, Ida Carr and Lena Carr, which children have never treated me right and kindly, I desire that my wife give them each One ($1.00) dollar.

            I have further a one-half undivided interest in One and three quarters (11/3) acres owned jointly by my brother James Lee Carr and myself, and situated south of Edgewood , Ga between Decatur and Atlanta Ga , and any proceeds which may be realized from said property, I likewise bequeath to my wife, Georgia Carr.

            This is the one and only will I have ever made up to the present time. Witness my hand this 15th day of November, 1904.

Allen (his X mark) Carr

Witnesses Ida Smith, Ernestine Noa

Subscribed and sworn before me this 15th day of Novbr 1904.
Ismar Noa, Notary Public

Hamilton County Tennessee Will Book 3, Page 463.