Will of Hasten Poe

Transcribed and submitted by Jean Kinzalow

I Hasten Poe do make and publish this my last Will and Testament.

First - it is my last will and desire that Asariah Poe have the Two Hundred & fifty acres of land already conveyed to him by deed and no more.

Second - I desire and will that Thomas Windham and the Heirs of William Windham have two hundred & forty acres heretofore conveyed to them by deed and no more.

Third - It is my will and desire that my daughter Elizabeth Condray have Six Hundred Acres of land Bounded on the North & South by the lands R. A. Hunter holds & claims on the East by James & Isaac Lewis and on the West by the lands of Clift & McRee for and during her natural life.

Fourth - It is my will and desire that my grandchildren W. A. Poe - H. H. Poe - J. H. Poe - Sarah A. Poe have the several tracts of land heretofore conveyed to them by deed and in addition thereto I will and desire that at the death of my daughter Elizabeth Condray they have the ???? [can't make out the word] interest in common and in fee simple. [These last three words are underlined.] and to the six hundred acres given by me to her in this my last will.

In witness thereof I have on this the 25th day of July 1873 hereunto set my hand and affixed my Seal in the presence of the subscribing witnesses who have also witnessed the same in my presence and in the presence of each other.

Hasten (his mark) Poe

Witnesses:  William R. Mysinger; S. C. Hickman