St. Elmo School


Photos Submitted by Rodney Pierce


St. Elmo School cir. 1915-16

The following names were written on the back of the photo by 10 year old Selene Vester. The names were transcribed by William Sharp and submitted as they appeared on the photo.

Top Row L to R: George Simsons, Robert ?, Jack Becklib, Merrel Channal, Charley Powers, Homer Ganes, Luke Humnel, Tisey Guel, Huye ?, Lee Davis, Roy Wrst, Fimerl ?, Rull ?.
Row 2 L to R: Louise Ashune, ????, Lore Milliep, Emily Banlorf, Ruby Lee, Dibey Heryriman, Leona Williams, Allan Hulert, Louis Apperson, Elizabeth Vester, Lotty ?, Harry Brown.
Row 3 L to R: Mary Stevens, Perl ?, Della Crul, ????, Dorothy Gulluway, ????, Julia Cerulas, Mary Martin, Selene Vester, Eleyin Watson, Neida Parker, ????.
Row 4 L to R: George Rolins, Juel Roy, Frank ?, Hearold ?, Clide ?, Raulph Dretty, Bebial Richmond, Henry Lowery, George Wert, Richard ?, Roy Boradford, ????.

Teachers: Mr. Lowery & Miss Ada Lee


Photo submitted by William A. Sharp

First Grade Class 1957 - 58. Teacher: Nanny Gothard

Second Grade Class 1958 - 59. Teacher: Betsy Barrows.

Third Grade Class 1959 - 60. Teacher: Margaret L. Peacock

Fourth Grade Class 1960 - 61. Teacher: Miss Helen Jordon

Photos Submitted by Rodney Pierce