Catherine Gillespie Conner

CONNER, Mrs. Catherine Gillespie, widow of Samuel Haney Conner, died yesterday at her home on Bird's Mill Road (now Brainerd Road) east of Missionary Ridge. On June 25, would have been 70. In feeble health for some time. A member of one of Hamilton County's most prominent families, a sister to the late William Gillespie and Kate Steele; also Robert and Johnnie Gillespie of Hamilton County, and James Gillespie of Arkansas. She leaves six children, Mrs. Mamie Salliard, William Conner, Miss Sallie Conner, Mrs. Purnell Smith, Miss Belle Conner and Thomas Conner, all respected citizens of this county. Samuel Conner, her husband, was uncle and relative for whom Sheriff Sam A. Conner was named. His tragic death is still remembered by his many friends. On May 22, 1886, he was called to bedside of a relative at home of Robert Gillespie. A severe storm came on, and before he could tie his horse and get under shelter, he was struck by lightning and killed instantly. This sad accident left Mrs. Conner with six small children. Her life spent at homeplace in rearing and educating her family. Has lived in the home where she died for fifty-two years, scene of many pleasant occasions. Mrs. Conner's death marks the passing of one of Hamilton County's oldest and most respected ladies. Has been a consistent and devoted member of the Methodist Episcopal church since girlhood. Funeral at the home 2:00 today with Dr. Moore of Centenary and Dr. Brooks of McFerrin's Chapel. Pallbearers will be nephews. Interment in the old Conner graveyard, now McFerrin's cemetery.

Abstracted from The Daily Times, Sunday, May 27, 1917 by Joyce Ray Lea.