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School Details Address Phone Contact Us Visit Our Website
Allen Elementary 9811 Dallas Hollow Road (423)843-4713 Email  
Alpine Crest Elementary 4700 Stagg Road (423)874-1921 Email Alpine Crest Elementary Website
Apison Elementary 10433 East Brainerd Road (423)236-4322 Email Apison Elementary Website
Barger Academy of Fine Arts 4808 Brainerd Road (423)493-0348 Email Barger Academy of Fine Arts Website
Battle Academy for Teaching and Learning 1601 Market Street (423)209-5747 Email  
Big Ridge Elementary 5210 Cassandra Smith Road (423)843-4793 Email Big Ridge Elementary Website
Birchwood Elementary 5623 Highway 60 (423)961-2444 Email Birchwood Elementary Website
Brainerd High 1020 North Moore Road (423)855-2615 Email Brainerd High Website
Brown Academy for Classical Studies 718 E. 8th Street (423)209-5760 Email Brown Academy for Classical Studies Website
Brown Middle 5716 Highway 58 (423)344-1439 Email  
Center for Creative Arts 1301 Dallas Road (423)209-5929 Email Center for Creative Arts Website
Central High 5728 Highway 58 (423)344-1447 Email Central High Website
Chattanooga School for Arts and Sciences 865 East Third Street (423)209-5816 Email Chattanooga School for Arts and Sciences Website
Chattanooga School for Arts and Sciences 865 East Third Street (423)209-5812 Email Chattanooga School for Arts and Sciences Website
Chattanooga School for Liberal Arts 6579 East Brainerd Road (423)855-2614 Email Chattanooga School for Liberal Arts Website
Clifton Hills Elementary 1815 East 32nd Street (423)493-0357 Email  
Daisy Elementary 620 Sequoyah Road (423)332-8815 Email  
Dalewood Middle 1300 Shallowford Road (423)493-0323 Email Dalewood Middle Website
Dawn 901 Altamont Road (423)209-7740 Email  
Donaldson, Calvin Elementary 927 West 37th Street (423)825-7337 Email Donaldson, Calvin Elementary Website
DuPont Elementary 4134 Hixson Pike (423)870-0615 Email  
East Brainerd Elementary 7453 East Brainerd Road (423)855-2600 Email East Brainerd Elementary Website
East Hamilton Middle/High 2015 Ooltewah Ringgold Road (423)893-3535 Email East Hamilton Middle/High Website
East Lake Academy of Fine Arts 2700 East 34th Street (423)493-0334 Email  
East Lake Elementary 3600 13th Avenue (423)493-0366 Email East Lake Elementary Website
East Ridge Elementary 1014 John Ross Road (423)493-9296 Email  
East Ridge High 4320 Bennett Road (423)867-6200 Email East Ridge High Website
East Ridge Middle 4400 Bennett Road (423)867-6214 Email East Ridge Middle Website
East Side Elementary 1603 S. Lyerly Street (423)493-7780 Email  
Falling Water Elementary 715 Roberts Mill Road (423)843-4711 Email Falling Water Elementary Website
Ganns Middle Valley Elementary 1609 Thrasher Pike (423)843-4700 Email Ganns Middle Valley Elementary Website
Hamilton County High 9050 Career Lane (423)344-1433 Email  
Hamilton County Middle College High School at Chattanooga State 4501 Amnicola Highway (423)697-4492 Email  
Hardy Elementary 2100 Glass Street (423)493-0300 Email Hardy Elementary Website
Harrison Elementary 5637 Highway 58 (423)344-1428 Email  
Hillcrest Elementary 4302 Bonny Oaks Drive (423)855-2602 Email Hillcrest Elementary Website
Hixson Elementary 5950 Winding Lane (423)870-0621 Email  
Hixson High 5705 Middle Valley Road (423)847-4800 Email Hixson High Website
Hixson Middle 5681 Old Hixson Pike (423)847-4810 Email Hixson Middle Website
Howard School of Academics and Technology 2500 South Market Street (423)209-5868 Email Howard School of Academics and Technology Website
Hunter Middle 6810 Teal Lane (423)344-1474 Email  
Lakeside Academy 4850 Jersey Pike (423)855-2605 Email Lakeside Academy Website
Loftis Middle 8611 Columbus Road (423)843-4749 Email Loftis Middle Website
Lookout Mountain Elementary 321 North Bragg Avenue (423)821-6116 Email  
Lookout Valley Elementary 701 Brown’s Ferry Road (423)825-7370 Email  
Lookout Valley Middle/High 350 Lookout High Street (423)825-7352 Email  
McBrien Elementary 1501 Tombras Avenue (423)867-6209 Email McBrien Elementary Website
McConnell Elementary 8629 Columbus Road (423)843-4704 Email  
Nolan Elementary 4435 Shackleford Ridge Road (423)886-0898 Email Nolan Elementary Website
Normal Park - Lower 1009 Mississippi Avenue (423)209-5900 Email Normal Park - Lower Website
Normal Park - Upper 1219 West Mississippi Avenue (423)209-5914 Email Normal Park - Upper Website
North Hamilton County Elementary 601 Industrial Boulevard (423)332-8848 Email  
Ooltewah Elementary 9232 Lee Highway (423)238-4204 Email  
Ooltewah High 6123 Mountain View Road (423)238-5221 Email Ooltewah High Website
Ooltewah Middle 5100 Ooltewah-Ringgold Road (423)238-5732 Email Ooltewah Middle Website
Orchard Knob Elementary 400 North Orchard Knob Avenue (423)493-0385 Email  
Orchard Knob Middle 500 N. Highland Park Avenue (423)493-7793 Email  
Red Bank Elementary 1100 Mountain Creek Road (423)874-1917 Email Red Bank Elementary Website
Red Bank High 640 Morrison Springs Road (423)874-1900 Email Red Bank High Website
Red Bank Middle 3715 Dayton Boulevard (423)874-1908 Email Red Bank Middle Website
Rivermont Elementary 3330 Hixson Pike (423)870-0610 Email Rivermont Elementary Website
Sale Creek Middle/High 211 Patterson Road (423)332-8819 Email  
Sequoyah High 9517 Ridge Trail Road (423)843-4707 Email  
Shepherd, Bess T. Elementary 7126 Tyner Road (423)855-2611 Email Shepherd, Bess T. Elementary Website
Signal Mountain Middle/High School 2650 Sam Powell Trail (423)886-0880 Email Signal Mountain Middle/High School Website
Smith, Wallace A. Elementary 6930 Teal Lane (423)344-1425 Email Smith, Wallace A. Elementary Website
Snow Hill Elementary 9042 Career Lane (423)344-1456 Email Snow Hill Elementary Website
Soddy Daisy High 618 Sequoyah Access Road (423)332-8828 Email Soddy Daisy High Website
Soddy Daisy Middle 200 Turner Road (423)332-8800 Email  
Soddy Elementary 260 School Street (423)332-8823 Email Soddy Elementary Website
Spring Creek Elementary 1100 Spring Creek Road (423)855-6138 Email  
Thrasher Elementary 1301 James Boulevard (423)886-0882 Email Thrasher Elementary Website
Tyner Academy 6836 Tyner Road (423)855-2635 Email Tyner Academy Website
Tyner Middle Academy 6837 Tyner Road (423)855-2648 Email  
Washington (Alternative) 7821 Hancock Road (423)893-3520 Email  
Westview Elementary 9629 East Brainerd Road (423)855-6141 Email Westview Elementary Website
Wolftever Creek 5080 Ooltewah-Ringgold Road (423)238-7300 Email  
Woodmore Elementary 800 Woodmore Lane (423)493-0394 Email


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