Submitted Hamilton County Deed Records 

William Tittle
Peter & Richard Tittle


Submitted by Joyce Nell Truitt



BOOK 34, p. 218
Hamilton County, Tennessee
320 acres to Peter & Richard Tittle    (this is Peter Adams Tittle and Richard Frank Tittle)
From William Tittle (this was William Tavner Tittle, possibly)

State of Tennessee
Hamilton County
This indenture made and entered unto this third day of January Eighteen Hundred and Eighty between William Tittle of the County of Hamilton and State of Tennessee of the first part and Peter & Richard Tittle of the County of Dade and State of Georgia of the other part witnesseth that the said William Tittle for and in consideration f the sum of Four Hundred dollars by the said Peter & Richard Tittle in hand paid has bargained sold and conveyed unto the said Peter & Richard Tittle the land at Cross Hollow in the State and County aforesaid containing three hundred and twenty acres more or less it being according to the sum of the Ocee District the South East quarter of section Twenty Seven fractional township two Range 5 (?) North East fractional Quarter section Thirty Four fractional township two Range five and the North West fractional Quarter section thirty four Fractional township Two Range five west adjoining lands of Brovils Whiteside & S R. Deakins reserving one acre sold by Mark A Cooper to William Davenport and also the land sold by myself to Winton Robinson according to the title bond made by myself to the said Robinson the same being the land bought by Mark A Cooper of Alfred Cross to have and to hold the said bargained premises unto the said Peter & Richard Tittle their heirs and assigns forever in fee simple.  The right and title whereof unto the said Peter & Richard Tittle, the said William Tittle doth hereby and will defend against the claim or claims of all persons whomsoever.
In testimony whereof the said William Tittle has hereunto set his hand and seal the date above written.
William Tittle     SEAL
Leathie (?) Tittle   (her mark)
Signed and sealed and bound in presence of
S. J. Hale (?)
Robert Lindsey

State of Tennessee
Hamilton County
Personally appeared before me T. A. Evans Dep Clerk of the County Court of said County William Tittle the within named bargainer with whom I am personally acquainted and who acknowledged that he executed the within instrument for the purpose herein contained.
Witness my hand at office this 24 day of January 1880
T. A. Evans, Dep Clerk

State of Tennessee
Hamilton County
J. H. Light Esquire - You are hereby authorized and empowered to take the (?) of Leathie Tittle for and apart from your husband  ????  (Book 34, p. 218)


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