Submitted Hamilton County Deed Records 

J. B. Weeks
 H. Schrudder


Submitted by Mary Scrudder

Hamilton County, Tennessee
Deed   Book F3 - #58
Microfilm Roll No.  134; page 298-300
[Tennessee State Library and Archives]
Transcribed by Mary Stephens Scrudder

J. B. Weeks by H. A. Beck; Attorney in fact to H. Schrudder} Know all men by these present that I J.B. Weeks by H. C. Beck, attorney in fact, in consideration of exchange of land and one thousand dollars paid in compliance of the terms of a Title Bond ___ contract paid by H. Schrudder, the _________ whereof is hereby acknowledged I do hereby transfer and convey unto H. Schrudder, his heirs and assigns, the following Real Estate. Situate in the County of Hamilton, State of Tennessee. Being the same real estate conveyed to Hampton by L. D. Meriman and wife as jus deed second in Book Y (or Z) pages 271, 273, 274 and 275 viz:
First:  A piece or parcel  of land in Third Civil District of said county on the North West side of Mountain Creek. On the right hand side of  said creek, joined by the old Matilda Fouts place now owned by Morrison, on the North.  R. M. Royen land on the Ease, Wilsons land, formerly O. S. ____________ 's land on the South and on the West by a "one thousand Acre tract" owned by Wilson, Conner, Rogers and Hampton with mets and bounds as surveyed by A. M. Rogers about eight years ago, as follows:
Beginning on a water __________ and sunny on North West ________ of Mountain Creek and about tow and one half pols below the mouth of a ditch known as Gum spring ditch; thence n. 37* E fourteen poles up the center of said creek; thence N. 59 1/2* W. six poles along center of said creek; thence N 16* El four poles along center of said ~~~~~; thence N 44* W. 6 poles along center of said creek; Thence N 25 1/2* E. twenty poles along center of said creek; thence S. 69* E. twelve poles along the center of said creek; thence N 28* W five (?) poles along center of said creek; thence N. 45* E eight poles along center of said creek; thence N. 17*  E. seven poles along center of said creek; thence N. 5*  W two poles to a persimmon and comes to P.M. Rogers; thence N 16* E nineteen poles along said Rogers live to a rock; thence due E. one pole to center of said creek; thence N. 18*  E eighteen poles in center of said creek; thence N 50* E fourteen poles along center of said creek; thence N 85* E. nine poles along center of said creek; thence N. 35*  E tow poles along center of said creek; thence N 6* W. thirty six poles along center of said creek; thence N. 17* W. seven poles along center of said creek; thence N 30* E. three and three fourths poles to what was formerly Matilda Forrst down line and comes to A. M. Rogers land; thence N 67* W (allowing 2* for variation) and along side Forrsts down line (now Morrison line) to a white oak corner of said Forrsts, seventy seven (77) poles; thence N. 83 1/2 * W seventy poles to a rock in side of Mountain; thence S 10*  W fourty six poles alongside of said mountain to a White oak; Thence S. 35* E six poles crossing Conners turnpike road to a small water oak and large chestnut oak; thence S 29* W one hundred and twenty eight (128)  poles to a rock in a small branch and hickory points(?) and comes to Wilsons land; thence S 45*  E along said Wilsons line ninety nine (99) poles to a double chestnut another corner to said Wilson; thence S 72*  E crossing Chattanooga road fifty one poles to the beginning, and containing two hundred and ten acres (210) more or less, and being sold for more or less and not for any exact number of acres, and if upon a resurvey of the land its contents shall be found less than two hundred and ten acres, the grantors herein shall not be liable for the deficiency.

Second: One undivided one sixth (1/6) interest in a tract of land containing one thousand acres more or less, ______  in _____ bring one half of one third.  Said tract lies on the east side of Walden's Ridge and adjoining the above described two hundred and ten acres trust, in the west, brind also in the Third Civil District of said Hamilton county, said interest of one sixth (1/6) was conveyed to us by F T Hampton by L D Meriman 17 Day of April 1874 as per registration book Z (or Y?) pages 271 +

    Said tract is non particularly described by mets and bounds as follows; bring the same as recorded in Meriman deed to Hampton: beginning on a Red Oak on a share of Waldens Ridge; thence N. 42* E twenty eight poles to a  stake to Jacob Hartman's line; thence N. 29*  E with said line; three hundred and fourty six poles to tow blackjacks at corner of what was formerly Forrsts line; thence N 16* W two hundred and seventy poles to a white oak and maple on top of the mountain near turnpike road in Forrsts gap; thence S 30*  W with meanders (?) along top of said Mountain, about four hundred and thirty poles to a pine at Sivelys gap; thence S 61*  E one hundred and thirty two poles to a black oak; thence S 32*  E thirty six poles to the beginning.  Being the tract of land granted by the State of Tennessee to J C Conner, James and William Rogers as assigners of of Elisha Rogers by Grant Number 28994 and being the same lands as conveyed by F P Hampton and Wife to J. B. Weeks dated 28 November 1881 and registered in Book K pages 577, 578 and 579

    To have and to hold the same to H. Schrudder and his heirs and
assigns f____________ in fw simple.  I covenant that I was at the date of said bind lawfully __________ and _____________________ of said real estate, have full powers and lawful authority to sell and convey the same, that the title is clear, free and unencumbered and we will forever warrant and defend the same against all lawful claims.  As to the first tract described and against all persons claiming by, through or ___________ me as to the second tract described.  This 5th April 1887.
Witness  W. S. Beek           J. B. Week
               J. K Hodges        _______Beck


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