Submitted Hamilton County Deed Records 

Mary Etta Levi, Jefferson & Frank Tittle
Delilah Jane Tittle Foster


Submitted by Joyce Nell Truitt


BOOK 189, Page 502-504
Hamilton County, Tennessee
6 acres to Delilah Jane Tittle Foster

In consideration of partioning the lands owned by us out of the estate of our father David Tittle, deceased, five dollars to us in hand paid, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, we, Mrs. Mary Etta (Tittle) Levi and husband, Gilbert Levi, Jefferson Tittle and wife, M. Tittle (Martha Minerva Beavers Tittle) and Frank Tittle, bachelor, do hereby sell, transfer and convey unto Mrs. D. J. Foster, widow, (Delilah Jane Tittle Foster) the following real estate in Fourth Civil District of Hamilton County, Tennessee.
Beginning at a corner of Jefferson and Frank Tittle 280 feet N. 79 degrees 30 W from Wash Tittle, decd. Hers and Burgess corner, thence with Jefferson and Frank Tittles lines S 22 degrees 30' W 370 feet N. 67 degrees 30' W. 309 feet to east edge of County Road, thence with same to corner on original line on west edge of road 132 feet, thence N 48 degrees E 380 feet to a beech in hollow, thence S. 55 degrees 30' E 366 feet to a hickory, thence S 79 degrees 30' E 312 feet to place of beginning, 6 85/100 acres more or less, including the right and privilege at all times to have a reasonable right of way and easy access and free use of the spring near her north east corner.
Also, begin at the corner on east edge of County Road in the same N 67 degree 30' W 1492 feet to a white oak stump, the N. W. corner of the S.E. Quarter of said section, thence with the west line of said S. E. quarter S 22 degrees 30' W 330 feet to Mrs. Mary E. (Tittle) Levi's north east corner, thence with her north line S 67 degrees 30' E. 1594 feet to white oak on west edge of County Road. Mrs. Mary E. Levi's northeast corner, thence with said road, northeasterly to the beginning, containing 11 7/10 acres more or less
Also, begin at a point about 1120 feet S 67 degrees 30' E of S.W. corner of Section 24, Twp 1, South, Range 5 West on section line Mrs. M. E. Levi's S.E. corner, thence S 67 degrees 30' E 397 feet to Jefferson & Frank Tittle's corner, thence with their west line N. 25 degrees E. 622 feet to Tennessee River, thence down the same with low water mark to Mrs. M. E. Levi's corner, thence with her east line S. 25 degrees W to place of beginning, containing 6 acres more or less.
To have and to hold the same to the said Mrs. D. J. Foster  (Delilah Jane Tittle Foster), widow, and her heirs and assigns forever in fee simple, we covenant that we are lawfully seized and possessed of real estate, have full and lawful authority to sell and convey the same, that the title is clear, free and unencumbered, and we will forever warrant and defend the same against all lawful claims.
Witness our hands this day of November 1905.
Jefferson Tittle
M Tittle (her mark)  Martha Minerva Beavers Tittle
Frank Tittle (Benjamin Franklin Tittle)
Mary Etta Levi (her mark) Mary Etta Tittle Levi)
Gilbert Levi
State of Tennessee
County of Hamilton
Before me, H. C. Beck, a Notary Public, in and for the County and State aforesaid, personally appeared Jefferson Tittle & wife, M. Tittle, Frank Tittle, Gilbert Levi & wife, Mary Etta Levi, the within named bargainers, with whom I am personally acquainted, and who acknowledged that they executed the within instrument for the purposes therein contained.
And Mary Etta Levi, wife of Gilbert Levi and M. Tittle, wife of the said Jefferson Tittle, each having appeared before me privately and apart from her husband, the said Mary Etta Levi and M. Tittle, each acknowledged the execution of the said deed to have been done by her freely voluntarily and understandingly, without compulsion or constraint from her husband, and for the purpose therein expressed.
Witness my hand and notarial seal at office this 3rd day of November 1905.
H. C. Beck, Notary Public
Hamilton County Tennessee
State of Tennessee
County of Hamilton
The above deed and certificate were filed Nov. 3, 1905 at 10:55 a.m. and entered in Note Book No. 11, page 119, and recorded in Gook G., Vol. 8, page 503 et seq.
Samuel Hixson, Register

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