Submitted Hamilton County Deed Records 


Catherine Mysinger
George W. Bridges

Submitted by April Mast




State of Tennesse

Hamilton County

Catherine Mysinger et al

201 Deed
Geo W. Winters


      This endenture made and entered in on this the 18th day of

              September 1872 between Catherine Mysinger formerly

              Catherine Winters the wife and widow of Christopher Winters

              deceased but now the wife of Samuel Mysinger. And the said

              Samuel Mysinger and James Winters being the only son of said

              Christopher Winters and Catherine Winters of the first part

              residing and being in the county of Hamilton and state of

              Tennessee and Geo w. Bridges of Athens, McMinn county, Tennessee of the        second part, witnesseth that the said Catherine wife

              of the said Samuel Mysinger and the said James Winters for and in

              consideration of one thousand dollars and his services as an attorney

              for astaiinig four thousand and thirty-six acres of land in the State

              of Texas as a headright to the said Catherine Winters on an account of

              her first husband Christopher Winters having been a soldier and

              was killed fighting for the independence of Texas under the laws

              of the state of Texas  granting lands to them soldiers in such

              cases made and provided do hereby sell and convey to said Geo W.

              Bridges his heirs and assigns one half of all our interest rights

              title or claim in and to (4036) four thousand and thirty-six 

              acres and which is two thousand and eighteen acres of land . locate

              and patented to the heirs of said Christopher winters dec' in the

              following quantities and counties (can't read): a bounty warrant

              for 1920 acres issued on the 18th day of June 1851 . five hundred

              and seventy three (573) acres of which was located in ( crath?)

              and palo (puilo?) counties on the 26th day of september...


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