Submitted Hamilton County Deed Records 

Isaac Masoner & Mary Neaves
Ruth Emaline Masoner Long

Submitted by Phebe Morgan





We Isaac Masoner and Mary Neaves of the County of Meigs and the State of Tennessee have this day in consideration of the love affection and respect which we have for Rutha Emaline Long our beloved niece and her heirs forever transferred and conveyed all the right title interest and claim that we have in and to the following described land to wit:  eighty acres more or less being the west half of the north east quarter of section thirty two and forty acres more or less being the south east corner of the north west quarter of said section thirty two.  Beginning at the south west corner of said quarter also eighty acres being the north half of the south west quarter of section thirty two.  Beginning on the north west corner and running with the lines so as to include eighty acres also one other tract containing six more or less being apart of the south half of the south west section thirty two.  Beginning where the line crosses the branch or drain thence down the branch with its meanders to the line where the north half crosses the same.  All of which land situate and lying in the 8th Civil District Hamilton County State of Tennessee in Range 2, Township 3, Section 32, West of the Basis line in the Ocoee District.  We give grant and confirm the above described land to the said Rutha Emaline Long her heirs and assigns forever as an indefeasible estate of inheritance and we will warrant and forever defend the title to the same against all person whatever claiming through or by us.  Given under our hands and seal this 18th day of January 1867.


                                                                Isaac Masoner

                                                                Mary Neaves



B. Robeson and

J. K. Puckett


                This deed is made in lieu of one for the same land made by me and believed to be lost or mislaid so that it cannot produced.



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