Submitted Hamilton County Deed Records 

Land Rental Agreement
Eliza Davis to H. H. Holder


Article of an agreement paid and entered into between Eliza Davis of the one part and Hunter H. Holder of the other part both of the County of Hamilton and State of Tennessee this day Eliza Davis hath “rentera” the place that she lives on to H. H. Holder for the term of four years and he is to give said Eliza Davis forty bushels of corn per year, the said Eliza Davis is to have one acre of land around her house and her garden, the said H. H. Holder is to enclose the said place as far as the Dennington tobacco house, he is to have all the inset fencing to enclose the outside fencing he is to leave fencing under a ten rail fence at the expiration of four years he is to have free access to fire wood, he is not to use any board timber on said place we here unto set our hands and seal this September 26, 1866.



                                                                Eliza X Davis




Elihu Robeson

W. A. Robeson

State of Tennessee

Hamilton County.  Personally appeared before me R. H. Guthrie, Clerk of the County Court of said County.  H. H. Holder one of the bargainers in the foregoing lease contract with whom I am personally acquainted, who acknowledged the execution of the same for the purposes therein expressed, on the day it bears date.  Also personally appeared before me Elihu Robeson and W.A. Robeson the subscribing witnesses to the same who being duly sworn according to law deposed and said they were acquainted with Eliza Davis the other bargainer in the contract and that she executed the same for the purposes therein expressed.


            Witness my hand at office in Harrison the 31thst day of July 1867. R. H. Guthrie, Clerk

Hamilton County Deed Book Q, Page 362.

Submitted by Phebe Morgan


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