Welsh-Rogers Cemetery

Deceased Born Died Notes
Price, John R. 2/7/1866 9/26/1894 Born Merthyr Tydvyl, Wales
Reavely, Francis * * CSA 6th TN Mtd Inf
Reavely, Richard 10/30/1922 8/5/1953 TN PFC 1460 SVC Comd Unit WWI
Reavely, Thomas J. 1936 1963 S/O Carl Reavley
Reavley, Bea 6/14/1920 1/4/1988 W/O Tom Reavley
Reavley, Carl 10/27/1904 12/1/1981 S/O Elias Jefferson Reavley
Reavley, Elias J. 11/17/1879 4/19/1961 S/O Francis Jefferson Reavley
Reavley, Nannie E. 12/2/1881 3/17/1962 W/O Elias J. Reavley
Reavley, Tom 1/17/1919 7/25/1990 H/O Bea Reavley
Rievley, Betty Jean 11/6/1924 2/9/1980
Rievley, Edward Chester 5/30/1926 9/2/1945
Rievley, Emma J. 2/16/1901 3/20/1976 W/O James A. Rievley
Rievley, Fannie L. 1870 * W/O William F. Rievley
Rievley, Helen 1/30/1925 3/25/1946 D/O James Anderson Rievley
Rievley, James Anderson 5/8/1901 1/15/1964 H/O Emma J. Rievley; S/O Elias Jefferson Reavley
Rievley, James Burke 1899 1933 H/O Virgie Rievley
Rievley, Joyce R. * * W/O Noel Byrd Rievley
Rievley, Noel Byrd 1936 1984 S/O James Anderson Rievley
Rievley, Virgie 1904 1969 W/O James Burke Rievley
Rievley, William F. 1871 1947 S/O Francis Jefferson Rievley

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