Tittle Cemetery

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Deceased Born Died Notes
Foster, Charles Ira 7/2/1873 12/25/1952 Age 79 yrs; S/O John G & Delilah Tittle Foster
Foster, Edward L. 7/14/1951 7/19/1975  
Foster, John G 7/21/1846 9/24/1884 Co B, 10 Conf Cav, CSA; H/O Delilah Jane Tittle
Goins, Annie L. 7/8/1918 10/24/1975 W/O Carl W. Goins, Sr.
Goins, Carl W., Sr. 8/15/1909 8/6/1977  
Goins, Kenneth Wade, Sr. 5/18/1948 12/17/1985  
Goins-Willis, Rebecca Michele 10/24/1988 10/27/1988  
Thompson, Ellen 11/9/1893 5/21/1894  
Thompson, James M 5/15/1884 12/3/1898  
Thompson, Mary Elizabeth Massengale 6/2/1814 2/12/1911 W/O William Thompson
Thompson, William 9/10/1812 1/17/1898  
Tittle, Alonzo 6/17/1874 6/6/1909 S/O George Washington & Mary E. Nabors Tittle
Tittle, Benjamin Franklin 9/13/1857 2/24/1918 *S/O David F & Margaret Nabors Tittle; See obituary
Tittle, George Washington 4/30/1846 2/21/1904 *S/O David F. & Margaret Nabors Tittle
Tittle, Mary Elizabeth   12/24/1929 Info from obituary & Death Certificate W/O George Washington Tittle
Tittle, Mary Etta   5/7/1916 Age 65 yrs; W/O G. Levi  *Second wife of Gilbert Levi
Tittle, Susia 12/2/1889 1/11/1914  
Tittle, William Harrison 3/2/1862 4/29/1903 *H/O Mary Thompson; S/O David F & Margaret Nabors Tittle; See obituary
Tittle, William Walter   12/17/1941 No dates on stone; Information from obituary
S/O George Washington & Mary E. Nabors Tittle
Whittenburg, H C



Unmarked; Info from Obituary
Whittenburg, Van M. 8/2/1879 2/25/1920 See obituary

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