Summit Cemetery

Edmonson, Eunice 02/05/1898 05/20/1919  
Edmondson, Ollie May 03/22/1903 12/24/1919 Father: Charlie Edmonson- Born AL; Mother: Ellie Cordell - Born AL; Cause of Death: TB
Espy, Thelma Woods 01/05/1910 05/11/1932 Father: Melton Woods; Born GA; Mother: Addie Stanford; Born TN; Cause of Death: Appendicitis
Lowler, Earnest Franklin 08/12/1886 10/01/1932  
Standifer, Aaron 1892 07/31/1925 Age 33 yrs; Born Tennessee; Father: Sam Standifer; Info from Death Certificate
Wilson, Miles 1842 01/16/1928  

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