Stoney Point Cemetery

Davenport, Charley Handmade marker, can't read dates. Buried between Susie and Grace Davenport.
Davenport, Eva L 09/12/1932 12/07/1979  
Davenport, Grace 00/00/1891 00/00/1970 Handmade marker. Buried between Charley and Luther Davenport.
Davenport, Luther 00/00/1911 00/00/1939 Handmade marker. Buried next to Grace Davenport. Grave badly sunken 2-3 feet.
Davenport, Susie 00/00/1868   Handmade marker, sinking and impossible to read. Date(s) may be inaccurate.
Height 01/00/1831 03/00/1906 Could not read first name. Last name may be Hyatte, as there are others buried near.
Hyatte, Clifford Lee 00/00/1919 00/00/1981 PFC US Army WWII
Hyatte, Franklin L 02/18/1929 11/20/1948  
Hyatte, Wiley S 07/21/1896 05/13/1952  
Morgan, Blonney 09/14/1893 12/27/1912  
Morgan, Evans 10/24/1894 09/24/1900  
Ramsey, Cornelia 06/22/1873 09/03/1916  
Windham, Inda 06/16/1825 12/09/1901 "mother of M. C. Windham."

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