Scoggins Cemetery

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Fugate, Amos Edward 11/11/1922 09/01/1976   Parents-Mell C & Zoe D Fugate; wife was Bobbie Jean Scoggins Fugate; US Navy
Fugate, Mark Dewayne 05/23/1958 05/25/1958   father-Amos Edward Fugate next; (mother is Bobbie Jean Scoggins Fugate)
Fugate, Mell C 05/22/1896 09/13/1978   wife-Zoe D Fugate;  Pvt US Army WWI
Fugate, Zoe D 04/20/1899 husband-Mell C Fugate next; son-Amos Edward Fugate; gson-Mark Dewayne Fugate
Morgan, Addie May 03/00/1934 09/23/1939   parents: Latt Walter & Beulah Ann Morgan next
Morgan, Beulah Ann Scoggins 05/10/1907 09/28/1992 11/02/1932 husband-Latt Walter Morgan next; children-Addie May & Ronnie Hugh Morgan
Morgan, Latt Walter 03/02/1902 11/29/1951 11/02/1932 wife-Beulah Ann Scoggins Morgan
Morgan, Ronnie Hugh 09/11/1947 01/18/1993   parents-Latt Walter & Beulah Ann Scoggins Morgan; Lt US Navy
Scoggins, Addie Trythenia Davis 12/28/1886 03/11/1960   husband-Wm Newton Scoggins
Scoggins, Alvie Lee 10/30/1918 09/10/1957   parents-Warren Luther Sr & Emma Stover Scoggins
Scoggins, Charles Andrew 06/05/1901 07/19/1971   parents-Thomas Newton & Sarah Elizabeth Estes Scoggins
Scoggins, Columbus Phillip 01/05/1885 12/14/1950
Scoggins, Emma Stover 09/05/1894 11/07/1987   Eastern Star; husband-Warren Luther Stover Sr
Scoggins, Richard A 09/03/1919 03/03/1921   surrounded by Scoggins
Scoggins, Sarah Elizabeth Estes 11/13/1858 10/30/1926 04/21/1878 husband-Thomas Newton Scoggins
Scoggins, Thomas "Tommy" 00/00/1913 00/00/1921
Scoggins, Thomas Newton 05/24/1858 07/25/1920 04/21/1878 wife-Sarah Elizabeth Estes Scoggins
Scoggins, Warren Luther, Jr 03/10/1926 12/23/1941   Killed in hunting accident; parents-Warren Luther Sr & Emma Stover Scoggins
Scoggins, Warren Luther, Sr 03/29/1889 09/20/1965   Mason; wife-Emma Stover Scoggins
Scoggins, William Newton 07/17/1883 10/08/1961   wife-Addie Trythenia Davis Scoggins

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