Hancock Cemetery

Gotcher, Henry (Rev) 02/12/1792 02/27/1864 dates from family records; first name not on marker
Hancock, Harrison   03/27/1901 date from family records; shares marker with father-in-law Rev Henry Gotcher & James Varnell
McBride, John shares stone with wife-Mary McBride; no dates; "Age 35"
McBride, Mary McCarty   05/17/1902 no birthdate; shares marker with husb-John McBride
Varnell, Hugh Baxter 06/21/1891 10/07/1891 marker broken
Varnell, James no dates; shares marker with Rev Gotcher & Harrison Hancock
Varnell, Vesty 10/14/1886 07/13/1890 "Daughter of James Madison & Victoria H Jones Varnell"

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