Baxter Cemetery

Deceased Born Died Notes
Baxter, Lizzie No Dates
Baxter, Richard No Dates
Baxter, Willie 1900 12/17/1987 US Army WWII; See Obituary
Clemons, Mary Elizabeth 9/2/1928 6/14/2000 Age 71
Jenno, Annie Mae 3/19/1907 1/15/2000  
Lane, Ida A 3/10/1881 1/21/1944 W/O John W Lane
Lane, John W 1875 12/15/1948 H/O Ida A Lane
Lusk, Allie No Dates
Massengale, James A, Sr 7/24/1917 3/30/1998 H/O Lula E Massegale
Massengale, Joe Crawford, Sr 8/24/1910 1/27/1994 Minnie L Massengale next
Massengale, John Lester 8/1/1921 4/25/1996  
Massengale, Lula E 11/20/1918   W/O James A Massengale, Sr
Massengale, Minnie L 5/10/1915 11/2/1975 Joe Crawford Massengale
McNabb, Joyce Ann 1944 1945 Infant
McNabb, Leonard "Dave" 6/12/1917 8/4/1950 H/O Marie Baxter McNabb
McNabb, Marie Baxter 10/20/1904 9/7/1992 W/O Leonard "Dave" McNabb
Morton, Peggy Jenno 6/24/1933 2/17/1992 Next to Annie Jenno

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