The George Washington Montgomery Family of Ooltewah, Tennessee


George Washington Montgomery [GWM] (1841-1914) was born near Ooltewah, Tennessee.  He was one of ten children (seven girls and three boys).  His father, George Montgomery [GM] (1799-1891), and mother, Sarah WELLS Montgomery (1801-1878), lived on a farm near Snow Hill.  GM and Sarah are buried at the Montgomery cemetery near Snow Hill along with a son, daughter, and daughter-in-law.  All of the boys served in the same company of the First (Carter’s) Tennessee Cavalry (confederate) during the Civil War.  The family was Scotch-Irish.



GWM married Elizabeth Jane PRATCHARD Montgomery (1854-1944) in Chattanooga on December 22, 1870.  They had ten children (three girls and seven boys).  GWM was a county trustee of James County (1878-1880) before moving the family to Grayson County, Texas in the early 1880s.  The family moved thereafter to Indian Territory, then back to Grayson County, and finally to Hobart, Oklahoma.


 GWM’s father is listed on the McMinn County tax lists 1829-32 and moved to Hamilton County from McMinn County by at least 1839 when he purchased land in the Ocoee District.


Through a DNA Surname Project of the Clan Montgomery Society International, a living male descendant of GWM has been directly linked to a Montgomery family line starting with Thomas Montgomery (1752-1827).  Thomas and his new wife, Mary Patton (1752-1831), immigrated to America from Northern Ireland in about 1768 and moved to Washington County, Pennsylvania (southwest corner of the state).  He fought in the Revolutionary War and thereafter moved to Blount County Tennessee about 1791.  Thereafter the family records are incomplete as to documented lineage between Thomas and GM.  Thomas’ son “Geo W” (1779-1833?) was probably the father of George [GM]; “Geo W” moved south from Blount County toward Monroe County.  There has been a ‘George’ in every generation of the family since “Geo W.”


Elizabeth Jane PRATCHARD Montgomery (EJM) lived in Chattanooga during the Civil War.  She observed first hand the “battle in the clouds.”  Her father, James McFarland Pratchard (1826-1870) had come from South Carolina to the area and married Nancy Ann MAYSEY (1818-1895).  Both are buried at the Brainerd UMC cemetery in Chattanooga.  After the Civil War, he was appointed with others to "view, mark, and lay off" a public road from the top of Missionary Ridge near Rossville, to Bird's Mill, and thereafter was appointed overseer of the public road of the second class from Bird's Mill to western base of Missionary Ridge, on road leading toward Chattanooga.


Compiled and Submitted by
Keith Ott