Ancestry of Rexford C. Alexander

Compiled and Submitted by Rex Alexander

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Welcome to my Family Tree

By Rexford C. Alexander


          My exiting genealogy research is so vast that the allotted space of HCTGS just cannot handle it. I have reduced each surname to one generation prior to our local area and removed all later generations that are duplicates. Each surname will refer you to the file that contains the  later generations.


My genealogy branches are Alexander and Gann. The Alexander branch contains the following surnames; Alexander, Smith, Keith, Fuller, Carroll, and Parks. The Gann branch contains surnames, Gann, Gentry, Capps, Smith, Tindell, Westmoreland, Young, Headrick, Rice, and Green.


The results of my 39 years of research will soon be produced in two books, Alexander and Gann, hopefully by September. If you aren’t familiar with our past, be prepared for a brain-burner. If you are kin to my Alexander’s or the Keith’s, do you know which Scottish Clan you belong to and what tartan you can wear? How about you Irish Carroll’s, do you have any idea what your crest looks like? My Y-DNA results which trace my Alexander’s are very revealing. It will be in the book.


The Gann book also include my mt-DNA which traces the female DNA origin from mother to child. I am also working on defining the percentage of Native American blood each branch has.


My cousin, Dr. Sarah Alexander-Culton has traced our Alexander lineage back to the “Adam; I will not include her work because of copyright infringement but highly recommend you purchase her Alexander History. It is the “Holy Grail’ of our origins.


If you claim kinship to me, be prepared, I tell it like it was or is. I call a “spade” a spade- not an “entrenching tool.” I have already written three books about Sale Creek. My first book chronicles the beginning of our Church of God about 1911 through 1956, it is entitled The “History of the Sale Creek Church of God”, In the beginning…($10.00 including postage), My second one is a humorous look at the characters that made Sale Creek what it is; “You had to live here to appreciate this-Maybe!”($12.00 including postage.  My third one is a general look at the historical significance of our town, “The Garden of Eden-it ain’t  ($12.00 including postage.  Anyone associated with the Church of God should appreciate this historical account of their church. If you don’t have a sense of humor don’t bother buying the other two; If you don’t care for the history of our little town don’t buy the third one. I have a fourth one started plus my two family trees. Folks, I intend to put Sale Creek on the map; buy my books and help.


Rexford C. Alexander

1730 Billingsley Road

Soddy Daisy, TN 37379


Descendants of John Alexander
Family Connection of Alexander, Smith, Keith, Carroll, Parks

Descendants of Francis Marion Capps, Sr.


Descendants of John Wesley Carroll, Sr

Family Connections of Carroll, Parks, Alexander

Descendants of John Fuller

Descendants of Wesley Gann
Family Connection of Gentry, Smith, Alexander

Descendants of John Gentry
Family Connections of Gentry Capps, Young, Green, Headrick

Descendants of John Green

Descendants of Jacob Headrick

Descendants of Nathaniel Reuben Keith

Descendants of Samuel Parks

Descendants of Nathaniel Rice
Family Connection of Rice, Young, Green, & Gentry

Descendants of Elbert Sevier Smith
Family Connections of Smith. Gann, Tindell, Troutman, Branum, &Alexander

Descendants of John Smith
Family Connection of Smith, Alexander, Keith, Ledford & Fuller

Descendants of Alfred Tindell
Family Connection to Smith, Gann, & Gentry

Descendants of Edward D. Westmoreland

Descendants of Jack (John) Young
Family Connection of Young, Headrick, Green, Gann, & Gentry