Family Bible of Francis Smith




In possession of Mrs. William Medearis Smith, 106 W. Washington St., Fayetteville, Tenn.

Publisher: M. Carey Philadelphia 1816

Copied by Mabel Abbott Tucker, Frances Smith Barry, Tommie Lauderdale Smith


Family Record Marriages

Francis Smith & Fanny Gray were married July 1st 1812

Joseph Scot and Rebeckah Brimm was maried [sic] the 3 1849 of June

Z Y Cogwell was maried [sic] the April the 27 1865 to Miss Sarah Jane Scott

Sarah Jane Scott was maired [sic] the 27 of Aprile [sic] to Z Y Cogwell 1865


A.G. Smith was married march the 19 1840

Polly N Smith was married Febuary [sic] the 7 1841

J H Smith was married April the 15 1841

Sary Emmaly Smith was maryed [sic] Aprile [sic] the 5 1844

Thomas R. Ramsey and Jane Smith was married January 1th [sic] 1846


William Martin Smith was born July 10th A.D. 1813

John Harris Smith was born December 12th AD 1814

Sarah Emily Smith was born Jany [sic] 30th 1817

Austin Gray Smith was born December 25th 1818

Polly Margret Smith was born July 4 the 1821

Racheal Jane Smith was born on Monday the 19 of November in the year of our lord 1827

Francis N. Scott was born [nothing listed, blank space]

Sarah Jane Scott was Born (This was marked through.)

Francis Nancy Scott was born februry [sic] the 20 in the year of our lord 1846

BIRTHS (Ink fading in this Bible to light brown)

Francis Smith born July 29th A.D. 1787

Fanny Gray was born Sept. 5th AD 1782

William Francis Smith was born the 4 of March 1841 (Changed to the 14th March)

Sarah J Scott was born the 20 of february in the year 1846

Z Y Cogwell was born the 4 of July 1845

Sarah Jane Scott was born the 20 of FeBerury [sic] 1846


Mary Elisabeth Smith was borned [sic] the 23 of December 1840

William Cephus was borned [sic] on the 24 of October in he year 1842

John henry Smith was born [nothing listed, space was blank]

Hugh Douglas Smith was borned [sic] the 24th day December 1852

Ann Eliza Neel was born the 19 of January 1842

thomas jefferson neal was born october the 30. 1843


Samuel Gray died the 22 of march 1837 aged 84 years.

Sarah Emily Scott died january the 17. 1848

died August the 30 1849 Son of W. Niel and Polly Neel aged 9 months. name: W.H. Francis Neel 1849

Francis nancy Scot died September the 24 age one year and five months old

rachel gray november 19 the age ______ _______


died june 19th 1854 nancy Emmaline Smith Fe ma Z Y Smith (marked through)

jane Smith aged one year and two days

Rachel gray died 19 noveber [sic] 1849

age 92 years

Francis Smith died February the 21 1868

(Written in blue ink)

This was my great grandfather, father of Wm Martin Smith- Wm Medearis smith

Fannie Smith died Sep 7 1871

(Written in blue ink)

This was Fannie Gray daughter of Samuel and Rachel Gray my great grandmother-Wm Medearis Smith

William M. Smith Depart this life March 25th 1878

Hugh D. Smith Departed this life June 26-1921


Nancy Smith died on 9 September 1862 age 75 years

gorge Washing Cogwell Dis [sic] 1 May the 16 1849

Mrs. Mary Jane Cogwell was Born 1842

Funeral Notice

The friends and acquaintances of Joseph Scott are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of his wife. Sarah E., this morning at 10 o'clock from his residence. Tuesday Jan. 18, 1847

Her last dying words were "All is well with me in glory."


Dies at age of 92 (picture) William Cephas Smith, 92 Confederate Veteran, who died at his home in Senatobia, was laid to rest here Saturday.

Willian C. Smith (paper dated March 19, 1934)

Senatobia, Miss. Confederate Veteran Reached the Age of 92

William Cephas Smith 92, resident of Tate County for 73 years, native of Fayetteville, Tenn., scion of a long line of clergy-men and educators from Virginia, died here at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Joe E. Veazey. Mr. Smith's father Austin Grey Smith, minister of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, emigrated with his young wife, also other pilgrims by means of the covered wagon, from Virginia to the new Mid-South Tennessee. There Cephas was born.

Upon reaching young manhood, the son and father felt the lure of further exploration, goaded on by the virgin soil of North Mississippi, Austin Grey Smith, preacher, and his son, William Cephas, were pleased with the texture of the soil of Mississippi, and proceeded to establish a homestead four miles south of Senatobia.

William Cephas enlisted in the Confederate Army, the last two years of which he was a member of the Bedford Forrest Cavalry, carrying to his grave a bullet in his wrist.

His army stories were the delight of his friends. He sold the shoes off his feet, at Jackson, for $30. Eight months after the surrender, Dec. 6 1865, he married Miss Frances Jackson and to them was born 13 children.

The Rev. Harry Leland Martin, D.D. officiated at his funeral in the presence of a great concourse of friends.

The following sons and daughter survive Mr. Smith: William Cephas Smith, Memphis; T. Carroll Smith, Memphis; W.E. Smith, Hardy, Miss.; Mrs. G.I. McLaughlin, Tuscon [sic], Ariz.; Mrs. Glen James O. Meriwether, Senatobia; Mrs. Joe E Veazey, Senatobia, and Miss DidaSmith, Memphis.


Lincoln County Tennessee Bible Records, Vol. 5, page 57-59,

compiled by Mabel Abbott Tucker and Jane Warren Waller


Submitted by Claudia O'Leary