Family Bible of Andrew J. Elkins
of Georgetown, Tennessee




“THIS CERTIFIES THAT A. J. ELKINS OF JEFFERSON COUNTY, TENNESSEE, AND ISABELL CANNON OF JEFFERSON COUNTY, TENNESSEE were joined together by me in the bonds of holy matrimony at Thomas Cannon’s home on the 24th day of May in the year of our Lord 1843 in the presence of Thomas Cannon.  Signed, David Grant, Esquire.



            T. C. Elkins married January 24, 1871

            Jane Elkins married January 4, 1873

            James Elkins married November 22, 1876

            Andrew Elkins married November 8, 1877

            Rebecca Elkins married December 23, 1883

            Lucy Elkins married January 31, 1886

            Joseph Elkins married January 8, 1893.



            A. J. Elkins was born October 25, 1819.

            Isabel Cannon was born December 25, 1823.

            Amanda Elkins was born April 28, 1844.

            Thomas C. Elkins was born November 22, 1845.

            Mary J. or I. Elkins was born September 12, 1847.

            Louisa J. Elkins was born July 6, 1851.

            William C. Elkins was born December 30, 1852.

            James P. Elkins was born October 12, 1855.

            Andrew J. Elkins was born August 11, 1857.

            Sarah R. Elkins was born February 28, 1860.

            Lucy E. Elkins was born October 19, 1862.

            Joseph L. Elkins was born January 21, 1866.



            Mary I. Elkins died August 11, 1865.

            Sarah R. White died July 16, 1884.

            A. J. Elkins, Sr. died December 21, 1897.

            Isabel Elkins died June 12, 1903.

            Louisa J. Capp died January 15, 1909

            Thomas C. Elkins died December 15, 1912.

            Amanda Elkins died May 12, 1926.

            William Columbus Elkins died September 16, 1927


Note from submitter:

The Bible from which this information was taken has been in my husband’s family for some years.  My husband’s family is not “blood kin” of the Elkins family, but, apparently, his grandfather, H. E. White, was once married to a daughter of the Elkins family.  She died without children and H. E. White remarried, this time marrying my husband’s great-grandmother, Julia Talley.  From the family tradition, I gather that the older members of the Elkins family had no one to care for them and, because he had once been a son-in-law of the family, H. E. White continued to care for the old folks.  The Bible ended up, eventually, in this family as my husband is an only child.  Here is the information.  If someone steps forward who is a descendent, we will gladly give them the Bible so that it can be in the proper family.


Submitted by Beverly Nichols Smith, Eau Claire, Wisconsin