Family Bible of Charles N. Norwood




In possession of Mrs. John E. Suttle, 1810 University, Eugene, Oregon

Published by C. Carey, Philadelphia 1822




Charles N. Norwood was born 16th Oct. 1795

His wife Elizabeth H. Norwood was born 8th August 1798

Elizabeth A. Norwood was born 17th Augt 1817

Josiah M. Norwood was born 3rd January 1820

William S. Norwood was born 9th July 1822

John Alexr Norwood was born 29th Novermber 1825

Margaret S. Norwood was born 5th January 1825

Wesley H. Norwood was born 22nd Nov 1832

Manda Mc Norwood was born 6th November 1833

James E. Norwood was born January the 30th 1837



Sarah A Norwood was born 12th June 1820

Neal (Mial) was born March 4th 1785

Sally Goldston was born March 8th 1787

Neal (Mial) & Sally were married January 16th 1806

John James Ramsey was born January 15th 1807

Nancy Ramsey was born January 4th 1809

Elizabeth Ramsey was born June 1st 1810

William Ramsey was born October 7th 1811

Susannah Ramsey was born Septr 12 1813

Neal (Mial) was born August 18th 1815

Matthew Ramsey was born May 29th 1818

Sarah Auld Ramsey born June 12th 1820

Benjamin Franklin Ramsey was born July 16th 1822

Thomas Ragland Ramsey was born 11tj Pctr 1824



Charles Neil (Mial?) Norwood was born 29th February 1840

Mary Elizabeth Norwood was born October 1st 1842

Frances Adaline Norwood was born July the 29th 1845

Susan Caroline Norwood was born June 27th 1847

Benjamin Franklin Norwood was born August 1st 1849

William Neil Norwood was born March 18th 1852

George Otho Norwood was born June the 12th 1857

Sally Goldston Norwood was born May 21st 1857

John Henry Norwood was born May 26 1862



Wesley H. Norwood died December the 10th 1837

Charles N. Norwood departed this life 19th March 1837 Aged 41 years 5 months & 3 days

Elizabeth H. Norwood departed this life 7th January 1841 Aged 42 years 2 months & 9 days

Mary Elizabeth Norwood departed this life first day Oct 1845 Aged three years

William Neil Norwood departed this life 7th January 1853

Sally Goldston Norwood departed this life 3th September 1863 Age six years 3 months & 12 days

William Ramsey died May 4th 1816

Sally Rasey died December 8th 1835

Rachel Norwood departed this life June 22d 1834

Phebe Harding departed this life December 25th 1836



Charles N. Norwood was married to Elizabeth H. Moores 12 Sept 1816

Elizabeth A. Norwood was married to William W. Clift 28th November 1833

Josiah M. Norwood was married to Sarah A Ramsey March 7 1839

Geo W Davidson and Margaret S. Norwood were married Oct 6th 1844

Frances A. Norwood was married to Wm K. Pipkin

Susan __. Norwood was married to __ __ Knighton Nov 25th 1862



Lincoln County Tennessee Bible Records, Vol. 4, page 156-157,

compiled by Mabel Abbott Tucker and Jane Warren Waller


Submitted by Claudia O'Leary