Mrs. Thelma Cagle Dies of Injuries
Sustained When Car Overturned.

   Mrs. Thelma Cagle of 110 Walnut, one of the occupants of the touring car
which crashed into a tree and overturned on Walden's Ridge late Tuesday night, died
last night at 9:30 o'clock. She never regained consciousness after having been
removed from the wreckage. Her skull was fractured and her left side was paralyzed. The three soldiers from Fort Oglethorpe who were in the car and who suffered minor injuries when the automobile wrecked, are Beech Beck, Pat Cassity and George Nelson, it was found out yesterday.
There was also a civilian chauffeur in the car, whose name could not be ascertained.

The automobile, a Studebaker, is owned by George Bobos, taxi operator. Mrs. Cagle and the soldiers were brought to the city by E. Y. Chapin, who saw the wrecked car as he drove down the mountain shortly after the accident occurred. The Studebaker automobile, had turned completely over. Mrs. Cagle was thrown from the car and her head struck a tree.

    The three soldiers were released from the Newell and Newell Sanitarium after their bruises had been dressed. An operation was performed upon Mrs.
Cagle yesterday morning in an effort to save her life. The body is at Jack O'Donahue's pending funeral arrangements.
Chattanooga Times, September 16, 1921.


    Bright Beck it was learned yesterday, was the chauffeur of the for hire car which late Tuesday night or at a very early hour Wednesday morning wrecked near the "W" on Walden's Ridge, the accident resulting in the death of Mrs. Thelma Cagle, the only woman occupant of the machine. Beck had been hired on Sunday by George Bobos, operator of the taxi, and had been driving the car but three days. He received only a few slight scratches in the wreck of the machine.

    Besides Beck and Mrs. Cagle, three soldiers were in the machine. Medical attendants said that the party had been drinking, judging from the condition of those brought to the hospital  after the accident.

    Funeral services over the body of Mrs. Cagle, who died at Newell's infirmary Wednesday with a broken skull received in the accident, will be held from the residence,110 Walnut St., at 10 o'clock this morning. The Rev. O.E.Gardner will officiate.
Chattanooga Times,Sept.18,1921.

Chauffeur Arrested on Charge of Murder.
Father Alleges Driver Was Drunk At Time
Of Accident Near "W".

    As a result of the death of Mrs. Thelma Cagle, who died in a local hospital last Thursday from injuries sustained in an automobile wreck near the 'W' on Walden's Ridge on the Tuesday night previous, Brack Beck, driver of the wrecked car, was taken into custody yesterday and is now being held at the county jail without bond on a charge of murder.
    George Bobos, owner of the wrecked machine, for whom Beck worked, was
arrested for operating a for-hire car without a proper license, and was sued for
$10,000 damages by the minor son of the deceased woman. Any attachment on the machine was prayed in the damage suit filed in the circuit court and the ???? was granted by Chancellor W. B. Garvin.
    The arrest of Beck and Bobos and the filing of the damage suit was
instigated by the father of the young woman killed in the wreck. It is understood that although the warrants were sworn out by Deputy Sheriff W. J. Smith, the girl's father is the real prosecutor, and has made a thorough investigation of the case, wherein he secured evidence that those in the car at the time of the wreck were drunk.
    It is this fact, it is said, that caused Beck's arrest on the murder charge.
The father charges that he was drunk and should not have been driving a car.
The three soldiers, the other occupants of the wrecked machine, have not been
arrested and probably will not be, but will most likely be summoned as witnesses
against Beck.
    Bobos, who easily made bond following his arrest, operates several for-hire cars. The damage suit was filed against Bobos by Bert Cagle, a minor son of the deceased, who sues by next friend for damages in the sum of $10,000. He is represented by John J. Lively and the firm of Murray & Counts.
    The suit was filed in the circuit court at a late hour yesterday afternoon and the officers went immediately to take charge of Bobos automobile by virtue of the attachment granted by Chancellor Garvin.

Submitted by Karen Chastain