Real Estate for Sale


   We are now offering the famous Stanley Farm for sale in small tracts of five to six acres each, just suitable for country residences, on the crest of the Ridge overlooking the valley, and facing the city near the end of McCallie avenue. This farm is well stocked with fruit, Mr. Stanley being one of the heaviest fruit growers in this country. The locations on the Crest road are the very finest on the Ridge for building, having beautiful views both east and west. We are offering these tracts at much below the prices recently obtained for property not so desirable. Please apply early and get your choice of these four lots. Property shown free of charge. Terms very easy.
Southern Land & Loan Company. Real Estate Headquarters.


     We are now offering the Blatchley farm for sale in small tracts and on long time. This property is situated on west side of Missionary Ridge at the head of Montgomery avenue and only two miles from Chattanooga. It has a commanding view of the city, Lookout Mountain and Tennessee river; also good spring water and a fine assortment of fruit, consisting principally of peaches, apples, grapes and strawberries. We will sell lots 75x150 feet at $125,or in small tracts of one to three acres, each at $300 an acre. Terms one third cash, balance in one or two years. For full particulars please call at the office of Lindsay & Hoyt, Real Estate Headquarters, Market St.


   A good room on Market street, between Sixth and Seventh streets; is suitable for offices or merchandising. Apply to Stewart Lindsay & Co., Insurance Agents.


   and constantly on hand, a full assortment of Horses, Mules, Ponies, Buggies, etc., on reasonable terms. Horses or mules sold on commission. Horses boarded at reduced rates. Call at Stone Stable, W. & A. R. R. crossing.Telephone, 222
C. B. Freeman, Proprietor.


    Offered to the citizens of Chattanooga from July 1st to 6th,to visit this desirable summer resort, at one-rate fare to Spring City, where a conveyance will meet all parties. Reduced rates of board for this occasion only. Hotel under new management. Table first class.
T.B. Gorman, Proprietor.


General Wilder's Beautiful Residence Sold To H.S.Ladew.
Auction Sale of Allin Bros. on Ninth Street and Park Place Yesterday-Important Sales Today-M. L. Chapman Purchases the Ben Hord Property-Still Booming.
The auction sale by Allin Bros. of East Ninth Street and Park Place property was a fair success. There was a small attendance, yet those present bid in a spirited manner and the lots sold brought good prices. The sale was conducted by Messrs. Searle & Co. in a very creditable manner. Only about one-fourth
of the lots advertised were auctioned off. Messrs. Allin Bros. thinking it best to postpone the sale of the remainder of the lots until some future day.
The following is a list of the lots sold yesterday:
Lot 20x90 on north side of Ninth near B street, W. J. Rhodes $1475.
Lot, 22 x 135 on south side of Ninth near King street, F. O. Wert. $1,600
Lot, 25x 135, north side of Ninth, between D and E street, A. T. Ham. $1,500.
Lot, 50x 135, on Palmetto near Ninth, A. R. Malindy. $875.
Lot, 50x 155,north side of Ninth near Palmetto, A. R. Malindy. $900.
Lot, 47.3 x 145, north side of Ninth near Park Ave., Miss Ida Kirk. $910.
Lot, 101, Park Place, John Ingersol, $800.
Lot, 131, A. T. Ham, $610.
Lot,134, A. T. Ham, $500.
Lot, 121, Park Place with dwelling, L. A. Searle (Scarle) $2,500.
Messrs. Allin Bros. will have another auction today of some very valuable
business property on Seventh and Eighth and Pine and Poplar Street.
The plat of the property will be found elsewhere. The lots are in the heart of the city and will prove desirable.


Mr. H. S. Ladew, of New York, Purchases
General Wilder's Property for a Winter

   Mr. H. S. Ladew, of the firm of Fayerweather & Ladew, proprietors of the mammoth tannery in this city, yesterday purchased from General J. T. Wilder, his home property on East Terrace street, and will reside here in future during
the winter months. The price paid for the property was $15,000. Mr. Ladew is a gentleman of wealth, and has liberal investments in the city, and his residence here for a considerable portion of the year portends much for the growth of the city. It is hoped that by making Chattanooga a temporary home, he will eventually conclude to permanently locate here.


    Theo. Goebel yesterday bought of Mrs. S. J. Young through the Southern Land and Loan Company Agency, nine and one-half acres of a farm on Montgomery avenue for $2,500. The same firm sold to Drs. Cook and Melindy, of Sweetwater, two lots on Oak street, Fort Wood edition, at a $1,000 each. The property belonged to W. F. Fischer.


   Mr. M. L. Chapman yesterday purchased from Mr. B. H.Hord his residence at the corner of Carolina street and Georgia avenue for $4,000.


        Western & Atlantic Railroad, repairing freight depot, $250. John R. Pitner owner, J. W. Butler, builder.
    Two one-story frame cottages, $700, Fort street, between Farmer and John;
one-story cottage, Carter, between Farmer and John;$350.
Stoops & Wissman, frame shop between Chestnut and Carter;$150.


    The Rails Being Delivered Along Ninth Street-The Work To Be Pushed. The rails to be used on the new McCallie street railway are being placed; already those for laying track on Ninth street and Georgia avenue are on the ground and it is intended to have the others ready within a few days. There has of yet been no change in the purpose of the management to run the road on McCallie street, as the company do not desire to be delayed in the work by waiting the slow decision of the City Council about building a bridge at the Oak street crossing of the railroad. It is believed that the work will now be pushed rapidly forward and that before autumn the line will be in active operation.
Chattanooga Times, July 1, 1886.

Submitted by Karen Chastain