A man identified by police as Earl Liner was shot to death by another man, said by police to have been John Day, between Thirty-first and Thirty-second streets on Dodds avenue at 1:45 this morning.

      Persons who arrived at the scene a few minutes after Liner was shot twice with a pistol said that Liner leaped upon the running board of Day's auto and slashed Day with a knife. Day then pulled a gun. It was said there was a woman in the car with Day. Police took Day to Physicians and Surgeons hospital for treatment of his wounds.

      Day's car smashed into a telephone pole as he scuffled with Liner.

      Day, who operates the Cherokee club at 908 1/2 Market street, said that he had never seen Liner before in his life. He explained that he was taking some people home from a dance at the club when Liner leaped upon his running board and cut him twice in the left arm. Day said he fought the man off for a short time, then reached for his gun, which was in a glove compartment.

      Day asserted he did not know the name of the young woman with him and that she walked away from the scene of the shooting and wreck.

The Chattanooga Times, September 15, 1937



Submitted by Martha Ladd