Grand Jury Indictments

    The Hamilton County grand jury, after a session lasting two days, reported into open court forty-seven indictments and thirty-two no bills. Indictments were found against L. L. Parker, Howard Parker and G. E. Davis, arrested in connection with the raiding of the still on East Eighth St. last week, despite the fact they were released by the United States Commissioner. It is understood that the state is in possession of evidence, which was not introduced at the hearing before the commissioner, and is confident of a conviction. Henry Brinson and Wiley Sterling, negroes, who were living in the house where the still was found, were charged with illicit distilling and transporting more than three gallons of liquor.
    Ira Washington and Elma Harper, negroes, were indicted for murder. Ed Roth, who staged a riot near the corner of Main and Market streets some time ago, was indicted in three counts, but his companion, Mrs. Turner, was only held on the charge of assault and battery. Mrs. Turner was fined in the city court upon four charges.
    The following is the report of the grand jury: 
True Bills: Fre Parker, burglary; Jeff Logan, disposing of property conditionally sold; Ruby English and Ruth Brady, Phillip Westmerland, May Hudson, John Smith, Will Wasson, larceny; Gordon Sims, Manda Gordon and L. E. Springs, felonious assault; R. T. Gonia, Percy Weaver, D. Carter, Elma Harper and Gordon Sims, alias Simms, carrying pistol; Sigsby Hood, assault and battery; R. T. Gonia, selling liquor; John Wortham, vagrancy; Ira Washington and Elma Harper, murder; Ethel Bayless, Ed Roth and Carrie Jackson, feloniousassault; Willie Moon, Albert Bennett and Levi Donaldson, larceny; M. H. Sanders, Albert Maddox, P. J. Whitman and Ashbury Shell, selling liquor; Carrie Buchanan, Ed Roth, Manda Gordon, Howard Parker, G. E. Davis, and W. T. Gentry, carrying pistol; L. L. Parker, Howard Parker, Henry Brinson, and G. E. Davis, manufacturing liquor; Ethel Bayless, carrying razor; J. R. Anderson, lewdness; Mrs. F. B. Turner, assault and battery; Sam Wilbanks, assault and battery; Ed Roth violating auto speed limit.
Robert Parker, assault with knife; F. L. Altmax, violating joyriding statute; Mrs. F. B. Turner, interfering with officer; Lewis Rogers, vagrancy; Jo?? McCutheon, keeping disorderly house; Mrs. Horton Abbott, Leon Brown, Ruth Smith, Cordelia Romine, Lula Nunally, J. W. Kelly, Frank Hammond and Marie Barnett, vagrancy; Ed Roth, resisting an officer; A. B. Burss, Frank Stovall, vagrancy; George Ferguson, felonious assault; A. H. McCallister, assault with a knife; Ruth Bardy, larceny; Fe??? Taylor, failure to provide; Mary Vaughn, vagrancy; Thomas C. Argyle, grand larceny; Mattie Baron, vagrancy; Walter Clark, assault and battery; F. D. Bing, lewdness; Lottie Ray, carrying a pistol; Elma Harpole, lewdness; Louis Rogers, A. B. Burss and Raymond Whirlow, larceny; Ed Roth, assault and battery; W. T. Gentry, transporting liquor.
The Chattanooga Times, May 9, 1920

Submitted by Karen Chastain