Shot Down Yesterday Near Georgetown, Tenn.

Intelligence reached this city last night that Alf K. Eldridge, of
Georgetown, Tenn, had been shot and instantly killed by a son of James
Elkins, also of Georgetown.

Mr. Eldridge was formerly a member of the Chattanooga police force, and
served two terms under Sheriff Skillern's administration as a deputy

Some trouble had occurred between the two men, it is supposed, on matters
concerning the location of Eldridge's farm, which resulted in a fracas
between them in which Elkins came out the loser.  Yesterday afternoon, it is
reported that Elkins entered the field where Eldridge was at work and shot
him down with a gun, the load taking effect in the neck.  The wound was
fatal and death resulted shortly thereafter.

The Chattanooga Daily Times November 17, 1903


KILLED IN FIGHT - News reached the city late yesterday of the death A. K.
Eldridge, a former well known resident of this place.  According to the
information Eldridge and another farmer whose name is Elkins engaged in a
difficulty resulting from a dispute over some land, and about 10 o'clock
yesterday morning Elkins entered the field where Eldridge was at work and
emptied a load from a shotgun at the man.  The load took effect in the man's
neck and he died almost instantly.  The shooting occurred at Georgetown,
Tenn., a short distance from Ooltewah and about eighteen miles from this
city on the Southern railroad.  Eldridge was formerly on the local police
force and served two years as a deputy sheriff under ex-Sheriff Skillern.
His murderer has been captured.

The Chattanooga Dailey Times November 17, 1903

Submitted by Walter E. Dickerson