Divorces Granted by Judge Yarnell.

    Mrs. Fannie Townsend Gets Separation on Grounds of Desertion. Decree of divorce yesterday was granted by Judge Yarnell in Circuit court in the case of Fannie Townsend, represented by Attorney L. D. Miller against A. J. Townsend on grounds of desertion and failure to provide. The plaintiff was given custody of the three children, Jack, 9; Frank, 6; and Bettie, 8. The couple married in Louisville, Ky., Dec.17, 1917. It was alleged in part in the declaration of some two years ago the plaintiff and defendant were residing in Louisville, Ky., "when the defendant pretended he wanted to come to Chattanooga to live and persuaded plaintiff to come here and bring her children, with the promise that he would come on later."
    In March 1927, the defendant did join plaintiff in Chattanooga, it was said, but remained here only a short time. Finally it was said, his remittances to the plaintiff dwindled to practically nothing.
    Divorce was granted in the case of Myrtle Catherine Scott, represented by Attorney Samuel Butler, against George Burt Scott. The couple married July 3, 1925, in Chattanooga.
    Divorce was granted in the case of Louise Lillian Harris, represented by Attorney E. A. Buchanan, against William Walter Harris.
    Divorce was granted in the case of Edith White, represented by Attorney G. W. Chamlee, against Earl White. The plaintiff charged that the defendant had been guilty of cruel and inhuman treatment, that he had beat her with a broomstick, etc,. and that he had been guilty of failure to provide.
    Absolute divorce was granted in the case of Annie Patterson, represented by Attorney T. C. Snodgrass, against Tom Patterson. A divorce from bed and board with alimony of $50 per month for the plaintiff, had previously been granted in this case. According to the new decree, the plaintiff is to receive $12.50 per week alimony and the custody of her three children. Lola, Edgar and Tom Patterson, Jr.
    Divorce was granted in the case of Mae Peterson, represented by Attorney T. C. Snodgrass, against Carl Peterson, on grounds of nonsupport. Plaintiff was given
custody of a child, William Ambrose Peterson.
    Decrees were granted in other cases as follows, Bessie Richmond, represented by Attorney R. W. Kemmer, against Ed Richmond, on grounds of nonsupport. Julia Brown, represented by Attorney H. M. Vaughn, against John E. Brown.
    Suit of Jack Hill, represented by Attorneys Murray & McCalla and J. C. Nipper, against Cincinnati, New Orleans & Texas Pacific Railroad, represented by Attorneys Allison Lynch & Phillips, was compromised for $300. Lewis Allen Morgan, by next friend, H. H. Morgan, through Attorney F. R. Morgan filed suit for recovery of $1,000 damages against the McCallie School and the Y. M. C. A., predicted on alleged personal injuries.     
The Chattanooga Times, January 13, 1929.

Submitted by Karen Chastain