Several Mismated Couples Are Given
Batch of New Litigation Filed in Circuit
Court Yesterday.

    A number of divorce cases yesterday morning were run though circuit court. Divorce was granted in the case of Howard Williams, represented by Attorney Thompson & Ballard, against Katie Mae Williams, represented by attorneys Fletcher & Bernhardt. The couple was married in Hamilton county in August, 1925, and has no children.
Judge Yarnell dismissed the divorce case of Luthor E. Forbes, represented by
Attorney H. B. Mack, against Minnie A. Forbes, a non-resident of the state and
probably a resident of Georgia, "whereabouts unknown" according to the
Divorce was granted in the case of Gertrude Resler, represented by Attorney Righter A. Cogswell, against Dan L. Resler. The couple was married in Chattanooga, Aug. 17, 1927, and has no children. The divorce was granted on grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment. Plaintiff's maiden name, Gertrude Dawn was restored. The defendant was ordered to pay alimony of $260.
Divorce was granted in the case of Jane A. Spears, represented by Attorney
Harry R. Hays, against Robert M. Spears, on grounds of cruel and inhuman
treatment, habitual drunkenness and nonsupport by the defendant. Plaintiff was
given exclusive custody of their child, Julia Jane Spears. It was ordered that the
defendant pay maintenance of $25 a month.
The divorce case of Zita A. Hennessee, represented by Attorney G. W. Chamlee, against Vernon A. Hennessee, represented by Attorneys Frank T. Meacham and Sam Ford, was dismissed.
New litigation was filed as follows:
    C. L. Shropshire vs. Sam Ginsburg, doing business as People's Clothing store,
$2,500 damages. Attorneys Hambee & Russell.
    H. G. Moser and wife Carrie Moser, vs. Red Bank Development Company and Hamilton county,$1,000 damages. Attorney, G.W.Chamlee.
    Willie Smith vs. Rella Smith, divorce. Attorneys, Fletcher & Bernhardt.
    Mary L. Grimes vs. Frank Grimes, divorce. Attorney, W. A. Schoolfield.
    K. A. Smith vs. S. Smith, divorce. Attorney, Rueben D. Kellis.
Chattanooga Times, January 27, 1929.

Submitted by Karen Chastain