Cupid was very busy Labor Day,a total of fifteen marriage licenses being issued from the county clerk's office for use on that day, as follows:
Charles B. Alsup, Jr., to Suda E. Nave.
Leonard R. Stone to Barbara Duda
H. J. Champion to Pearl McBride
C. W. Smith to Bessie Lee Campbell
Blount Hackney to Heneretta Wright
J. P. Knox to Marie Barnard
C. S. Williams to Margaret H. Lee
P. H. Ford to Frances Perry
Claude A. Monday to Edna C. Nichols
Luther Phillips to Belle Livingston
Robert G. Agnew to Annie Vera Donahoo
Faris B. Smith to Ruth D. Coppedge
James W. Lanthrip to Ruby Proctor
William Henry Moore, Jr. to Thelma Robinson
J. B. Rogers to Louise Britton.
Chattanooga TIMES September 5,1923.

Submitted by Karen Chastain