Carl Painter, who was injured by the
running away of J. G. Deardorff's team a
few days since, is improving rapidly.

The Mutual Real Estate and Building
Association yesterday purchased the lot
on Pine street adjoining the old Methodist
church building.

The Chattanooga Druggist's Association
met yesterday afternoon to discuss
Chancellor Merritt's decision relative to
the payment of back liquor license.

It is said that the directors of the Dayton
Coal & Iron Company are seriously
considering the making of steel at their
plant at Dayton. They will use the
Cranberry ores.

Col. W. R. Marshall, a staunch Republican,
but withal an efficient and worthy official
has been reappointed Pension Examiner,
his term having recently expired.  

The Second Presbyterian church has
purchased a lot in Forest Hills cemetery
large enough for the burial of sixteen
persons. This will be used for the interment of the church's poor.

T. A. Snow shipped one of his Southern
Queen hotel cooking ranges to St. Simon's
Island this week, on which fish and turtles
will be broiled and fried, to the
satisfaction of many excursionists.


Wiley Patton has returned from Sweetwater.
Mr. R. H. Plant,of Macon, arrived in the city
George Burge was very low yesterday,
and the chances are against his recovery.
Col. J. E. MacGowan returned last night
from a month's trip through the East.
C. V. Brown left for Cincinnati last night in
response to a telegram announcing the
seriousness of his sister's illness.
Rev. Robert Steidel, the new pastor of the
German Lutheran church, late of Davenport, Iowa, and wife, arrived in the
city last night, and are the guests of Mrs.
Geiler, on Chestnut street.
Stanton House Arrivals:
Wm. V. Ebersole and wife, Cincinnati.
H. W. Mann,Cincinnati.
W. H.Trezevant, Atlanta,Ga.
J. F. Levis, New York.
R. A. Holland, New Orleans.
H. H. Keller, St.Louis.
W. Halfey Hood, New York.
J. C. Marsh, Little Rock, Arkansas.
Jno. S. Bland,Va.
W. S. Osborn and wife, W.Va.
Miss Nellie Johnson, Cincinnati.
G. W. McClown and wife, Atlanta,Ga.
Jno. J. Truman, Memphis.
A. H. Lusk, Nashville.
G. Jamnee, Dayton,Tenn.
A. W. Hammond, Baltimoe.
Chas. G. Johnson and wife, New Orleans.
Henry J. Biddle, Washington, D.C.
E. A. Cooper and wife, St. Louis
Jno. Ford, Youngstown,Ohio.
Maj. M. L. Thomas and wife, Nashville.
Jno. S. Burns, Nashville.
Mrs. G. W. Fall, Nashville.
Miss. M. L.Baxter, Nashville.
Miss Carita More, Nashville.
S. D. Dermeville, Nashville.
Miss. S. Fall, Nashville.

W. C. Wooten,a ged 2 years, Fifth ward, gastro enteritis.
Mattie Forbes, aged 15 years, Third ward, cerebro meningetis.
Columbus Bowers, colored, aged 2 months, Third ward, spasms.
Willie Rosaline Doss, aged 2 years, dysentery.

Chattanooga Times, July 3, 1886

Submitted by Karen Chastain