The Chattanooga Army Recruiting  station recently accepted 20 men from this area for duty in the regular Army. Capt. R. G. Hillmer, officer in charge, announced yesterday. Those listed were:

Second Lt. William L.Adams, Englewood, Tn.
Walter N.Rymer, 3627 Ridgeside Rd..
T/SGT.William M.Matthews, 2024 Bailey Ave,
T/SGT. Clyde M.Davis, 2801 East 50th St.
F/SGT. George C.Brown, 512 Baldwin St.
Pfc.Glenn E.Vaughn, Riceville,Tn.
Fred Springfield, Murray Co.,Ga.
Robert S.Barnard, Route 1 Harrison,Tn.
Alex D.Stinson, 2313  1/2 Williams St.
Clarence M.Vitatoe, 2804 Chamberlin Ave.
Fred D.McCanless, S. Pittsburgh,Tn.
Raymond T.Scott, 2211 Oak St.
Charles Davis, 1703 1/2 East Fifth St.
Cleatus E.DeArmand, 2706 1/2 Cowart St.
Charlie Thompson, 1907 Citico Ave.
Pfc.James A.Bailey, Rossville, Ga.
William F.Stoner, 812 Merriam St.
Reecie B.Hixson, 307 Ziegler St.
Adelbert Brydwell, 403 Ziegler St.
S/SGT.Charles R.Grizzle, 2009 Eveningside Drive.

The Chattanooga Times, February 27, 1946.

Submitted by Karen Chastain