Chattanooga Times, April 22, 1920

According to District Manager Billups,
the telephone company suffered only a
minimum amount of damage from Tuesday's storm. About 200 city phones were disabled by means of blown-out fuses, etc. No injury was done to the cables and wires, however, and no poles were blown down in this immediate

Three white men. James Wood, alias
Long, D. Kancy and John Robison were
arrested late yesterday afternoon by
Chief Hackett and Detectives Swafford
and Gillespie on a charge of receiving and
concealing stolen goods in Knoxville.
All three made bond for their appearance
in city court this morning.

George R. Marshall, a soldier stationed at
Fort Oglethorpe, was arrested last night
by Sergt. Hughes and turned over to
Chief Hackett, of the city detective
department, or investigation. He was held
on a charge of begging on the streets and
being A.W.O.L. from his organization.

W. C. Mansfield, a blacksmith, was arrested
about 9 last night and taken to headquarters on a charge of being drunk and disorderly and transporting whiskey.
He had a half-pint in his pocket at the time of his arrest. Two well-dressed young
white men, who gave their names as C.A.
and D.A. Pope, and said they were brothers, were arrested at Market and Eighth streets by Patrolman Owens about 11.They had a quart bottle containing about a half-pint of "red
licker' when picked up. They were held
at headquarters on a charge of being
drunk and transporting whiskey.

Ottie Mai Arwood, 22-year-old white girl,
an alleged fugitive from Dalton, Ga., where
it is said she broke jail several weeks ago,
was picked up in this city yesterday by
Detectives Neil and Payne. She is being
held at police headquarters pending
instruction from Dalton authorities.

Thirty men of the Ridgedale M. E. church,
south, met last night to organize a Men's
club. In the organization Commissioner
Ed Bass was elected president; T. L.
Lewis, vice-president; B. W. Hargraves,
secretary, and E. E. Webb, treasurer.
Committees were named to take care
of various matters the club will handle. It
was decided to have a dinner at the next
meeting, one week from tonight. The club
voted to take hold of the new church
building project with energy and the mark
was set at $50,000.Already a committee
has been named to select and purchase
a site.


Chattanooga Times, April 22, 1920

Submitted by Karen Chastain