It seems as though there is a well organized gang about Chattanooga. Deputy Marshall Eaves has arrested a young man named BURNS on the charge of counterfeiting. He is thought to be an accomplice of DODSON, who was captured in Dayton Wednesday with his pockets filled with the spurious coins. The evidence against BURNS is very damaging, and there seems to be no doubt of his guilt. The money is a miserable imitation, and it is strange anyone would accept it. The dollar pieces are full of flaws and regular feather weight, which a blind man could detect. Everything indicates that there is a well-organized gang somewhere in the vicinity of Chattanooga. Three men have been arrested and are now in jail here on the charge of shoving the "queer'. The officials are mystified over the amount of counterfeit money being circulated and are using every effort to break up the gang.
Chattanooga Times, July 3,1886.

He Attempts to Force An Entrance to a
House and Finally Lands in Jail.

A. J. TEMPLE, a tramp printer, who came to the city about thirty days ago, has gotten himself into a bad scrape. Thursday afternoon he got on a spree and proceeded to paint Stone Fort. Late at night he went to a house where a colored family named Montgomery resided. When refused admittance he proceeded to kick in the front door, but was stopped by a woman whom he assaulted and she alleges with criminal intention. The police were notified but did not succeed in capturing the drunken fellow until yesterday afternoon. Policeman BATES found him at a dive kept by a negro named Callie INMAN and lodged him in jail. TEMPLE will have a trial today.
The Chattanooga Times, July 3, 1886


Submitted by Karen Chastain