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Welcome to the home page of the original Hamilton County Tennessee Genealogy Society. The HCTGS is an Internet based society that was formed April 17, 2001 by a group of enthusiastic genealogists who wanted to share their knowledge of Hamilton County with others on the Internet and provide a forum for fellow researchers interested in the genealogy and history of Hamilton County Tennessee. There is a wealth of information on our website with more being continuously added. If you have Hamilton County information you would like to share on this site, please submit it to the address below. We hope you enjoy your visit and come back often.

Hamilton County Was Established in 1819
Hamilton County Tennessee was created by an act of the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee on October 25, 1819 with lands taken from Rhea County. Only lands north of the Tennessee River were included in its boundaries until the Treaty of 1835 added the Cherokee Nation, south of the river.

The county was named for Alexander Hamilton, Secretary of the Treasury in the administration of George Washington. The first courthouse for Hamilton County was Poe’s Tavern at Poe’s Cross Roads. Later the farm of Asahel Rawlings was selected as the county seat and a log courthouse was erected. The county seat was originally known as “Hamilton County Courthouse” until it was given the name Dallas, in honor of Alexander James Dallas. Dallas remained the county seat until 1840 when it was moved to Vann’s Town and soon afterward to Harrison. In 1870 the county seat was
moved to Chattanooga where it remains today.

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