William Harrison Tittle





Sudden Death if Popular Member of

the Police Department


  William Harrison Tittle, for the past three and a half years a member of the Chattanooga Police department, died yesterday morning shortly after 9 o'clock at his home on Whiteside street, of smallpox. Officer Tittle had been sick only a short time, and his death is quite a shock to his many friends and acquaintances in this city. Mr. Tittle was on duty last Thursday morning in South Chattanooga, when he became suddenly ill and reported off duty. He went at once to his home and soon developed symptoms of smallpox. Dr. Sims was called in attendance, but Mr. Tittle continually grew worse and his death came yesterday morning. Owing to the contagious character of the disease, it was impossible for his friends and the remaining members of the police force, except those who were immune to be present during his illness or after his death.

    The health authorities were summoned to his home and arrangements have been completed for the funeral this morning. He will be buried at 10 o'clock this morning in the family burying ground at the old homestead near Wauhatchie.

    He leaves a wife and four children, three girls and one boy, all small.

    Officer Tittle was about 40 years of age and was born in Georgia, just across the state line from Wauhatchie. He came to this city several years ago and engaged in business here. He was elected patrolman in September 1899, and has made a very efficient officer. Chief Hill, in speaking of his services yesterday, said:

    "I regard him as one of the most efficient and faithful officers on the force. He was fearless in the discharge of his duty and obeyed his orders willingly. He was popular with every one and was well liked by his brother officers."

    A meeting of the Police Benefit association has been called by the president, Officer Kerr, for 3 o'clock this afternoon to take action in regard to Officer Tittle's death.

    Out of respect to Mr. Tittle, police headquarters were draped yesterday and the city court adjourned immediately on being convened.

Chattanooga Times Thursday April 30, 1903


Note: Son of David F. & Margaret Nabors Tittle. Husband of Mary Thompson


Submitted by Anne Templeton Wilson