Early Hamilton County Marriages

  All marriage records of Hamilton County prior to 1857 were lost to fire or the Civil War. The marriages included in this list were compiled from early newspapers, Chancery Court records, family Bibles and other authentic sources.

The first marriage performed in Hamilton County, for which any record exists, was that of Daniel Ross and Mollie McDonald in 1786. Miss McDonald was the daughter of Captain John McDonald and Anna Shorey McDonald.  The next recorded marriage took place at the Mission on the Chickamauga, in the Cherokee Nation on March 22, 1818. Letters and Conversations of the Cherokee Mission, published in Boston in 1830, mentions the marriage of Rev. William Chamberlain, one of the missionaries, to Flora Hoyt. The marriage took place in the Mission Church in the Cherokee Nation and was witnessed by the missionaries and church members. Miss Hoyt was the daughter of Rev. Ard Hoyt.

Daniel Ross Mollie McDonald 1786

William Chamberlain Flora Hoyt March 22, 1818

Ainsworth E. Blunt Harriet Ellsworth November 17, 1822

Sylvester Ellis Sarah Hoyt 1822

Henry Rogers and Mariah (Mahala) Unknown - December 23, 1827
Civil War Pension application. Information provided by Jennifer Mieirs jenniferhsrn@cablelynx.com

Elnathan Howell Condray Elizabeth Boydston November 29, 1831

Robert L Gamble Betsey Jones November 8, 1832

Jonathan Jackson Nancy Rogers 1833

Anderson Jones Martha Shelton 1833

William Parsons Mary H. Craighead March 11, 1833

Joseph Smith Mary Kirklin, daughter of Elisha Kirklin 1833

James Russell Mary Davis - November 6, 1834

John Anderson (b:8/30/1837) Jemima Allen (b:12/8/1815;d:12/29/1838) m:October 27, 1835 (Information provided by Susan McNair) 

John Barrus Catherine Bowlin Widow of Nobel Bowlin February 25, 1836

Samuel G. Smartt Mary Ann Kennedy November 20, 1837

Vredenburg Thompson Elizabeth Ann Sosses October 30, 1838

John C. Woodruff Martha S. Thompson March 30, 1838

Allen Parker Dovie Beeson 1839; Daughter of Solomon & Margaret N. Beeson

John Anderson Purlymly Luttrell 1840

William Clark - Sarah McChesney Berry (Daughter of Mayor James E. Berry)
February 27, 1840

Abasalom Selcer Arlena E. Scott Feb 6, 1840 Daughter of Noah Scott

Dr. Beriah Frazier (Mayor of Chattanooga) Cynthia A Mynatt April 22, 1841 

Joel Rogers - Ary Gibson - August 10, 1841

R. J. Moore Margaret Jane Pitner 1842

Robert Coulter America Clift - Dec. 14, 1843 Daughter of Col. William Clift

Anderson Jones Martha K. Johnston 1843

Sanford Ritchie Mrs. William Hale (Elizabeth Francis) 1843

Benjamin Chandler Catherine B. Newell Nov. 28, 1844

John L. Divine Elizabeth Williams 1844 Daughter of Samuel Williams

James Hair Mary Agnes McRee 1844

R. H. Hamil Marcy C. Hixon Dec. 12, 1844 Daughter of Ephraim Hixon

M. B. Parham Elizabeth W. Kennedy July 25, 1844 Daughter of Allen Kennedy 

Bartholomew Rogers - Rebecca Gibson - December 23, 1844

Simeon P. Runyan Nancy C. Birger July 22, 1844

James A. Whiteside Harriett L. Straw Feb. 1, 1844

Samuel Williams Keturah Taylor 1844

Nimrod Ford Delphia Ann Patterson Oct. 16, 1847

Thomas Orville Foust Elizabeth Harriett Bevans 1847

Dr. Joseph S. Gillespie Penelope Porter Whiteside Feb. 10, 1848 Daughter of Col. James A Whiteside

Richard Henderson Isabella Woods Henderson 1847

Joseph L. Morrison Cynthia Jane Kennedy May 24, 1848

Frederick Harris - Mrs. Sarah Thornton - June 3, 1848  The 1866 pension application filed by Sarah Harris, widow of Frederick Harris, after he was murdered in his bed by guerillas on 27 May 1864 in Johnson Co., AR, while on sick leave from the Union Army. Sarah stated that she and Frederick Harris were married in Harrison, Hamilton Co., TN, by Rev. Joseph Hall on 3 Jun 1848.  Some sources show that she was the daughter of Joseph Gist, but she was married to a Dr. Thornton and had two daughters before she married Frederick Harris.  There was also an affidavit from the Hamilton Co. court verifying that their marriage record was lost in the war.
Information courtesy Melanie Atkins, Dalton, Whitfield Co., GA  melanie_atkins41@aol.com

Joseph William Clift Mary Jane McKensie Dec. 27, 1849

T. W. Newman Vesta Adaline Kennedy Sept. 26, 1849

Josiah Varnell - Caroline Shropshire - August 23, 1850 in Harrison, TN Daughter of John Jackson Shropshire

Joshua Beck Margaret Hixon July 31, 1850

Eli Crabtree Sarah Reynolds May 30, 1850

Jesse Green Rebecca Ferguson June 5, 1850

William S Killgore - Celia Adams - January 5, 1850 (Information from Civil War pension application. Courtesy Jamie Clark wandarita@sbcglobal.net)

Alexander R. Pearson Keturah Bassett 1850

W. C. Thatcher Nancy Young Patterson April 18, 1850

Charles W. Vinson Elizabeth Yarnell Copeland July 21, 1850

John B. Whiteside Adelaide L. Hooke Jan. 1, 1850 Daughter of Judge Robert M. Hooke

Jackson B. Yarnell Sophronia Thompson Igou Jan. 16, 1850 Daughter of Gen. Samuel Igou

Thomas R. Roddy Zerelda Yarnell April 1851

James C. Childress Rebecca A. Reynolds Jan 7, 1852

Daniel Crowley Lettie M. Burrows Jan. 25, 1852

Jacob Frist Mary A. Baldwin 1852 Daughter of Isaac and Crissa Baldwin 

Dr. G. A. Gowan - M. E. McGill (Daughter of John & Elizabeth McGill) - 1852

J. F. Hamil Rachel Ford Feb. 1852

John P. Hodges Sidney Glass 1852 Daughter of John G. Glass

William Henderson Thomas Sarah Rebecca Foust Sept. 16, 1852

John W. Smith Martha C. Bower Aug. 2, 1852

Abner C. Carroll Mollie Williams 1852 Daughter of Samuel Williams

George Wallace Hunter Lucila Hines June 2, 1852

Benjamin F. Tutt Sarah Elizabeth Rawlings 1852 Daughter of Daniel Ritchie Rawlings 

Robert Newton White - Nancy Cunningham - September 14, 1852

Miller F. Burris Margaret Montgomery May 21, 1854 Daughter of George Montgomery

Wescom Hudgins Rowena Ross Temple 1854 Daughter of Dr. Frederick Ross, widow of Edward Temple. Son of B. K. Hudgins.

John Carr Nancy Jane Emery Nov. 9, 1854 Meigs County. Daughter of James and Nancy J. Emery of Meigs County Tennessee. Son of William & Sarah Carr of Sale Creek, Hamilton County Tennessee. 
Information provided by Lola L. Allen - llallen@onramp113.org

J. H. King Catherine Russell 1854

George Wesley Lyle Ann Elizabeth Cravens Nov. 18, 1854 Daughter of Robert Cravens

Jonathan P. McMillin Nancy Cravens 1854 Daughter of Robert Cravens

Phillip M. Roberts Maria Almeda McRee June 8, 1854

J. C. Rogers Mary W. Smith March 1854 Daughter of Elisha and Nancy Smith

A. J. Thomas Louisa Gann 1854; Daughter of Preston and Mary L. Gann

J. J. Jackson Rebecca Gann 1855; Daughter of Preston and Mary L. Gann

John C. Roberts Arabella Pickett June 24, 1855; Daughter of Mrs. Margarett Pickett

William M. McGill - Sarah Hunter November 22, 1855 at her father's home.

Reese Littleton Margaret E. Walker May 15, 1856

Pleasant L. Mathews Margaret Williamson Oct. 30, 1856

Jefferson Elgin Sawyer Elizabeth Stringer 1856 Daughter of William and Elizabeth Smith Stringer

William Wilson Davis - Louisa Stover - Oct. 30, 1856; Daughter of Isaac and Margaret Hoots Stover, at her mother's house in Harrison by Samuel Blair. From pension records of Wilson Davis submitted by Phebe Morgan.

John Franklin Skelton - Sarah Ann Abigail Bolton - 1865 by J. P. Crane, JP; Chattanooga, TN.
Record from Civil War Pension application. Submitted by Ivelyn Kay Skelton Blanton


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