David Tittle

County of Hamilton
State of Tennessee

Whereas my wife Margaret Tittle received certain money and other probate from the estate of her father Benjamin Nabors, now deceased, a part of which was invested in the tract of land hereinafter described, by her and for her own use and the other money and properties has been expended by us mutually in our support and that of our children and in order to protect my said wife in the use and enjoyment of what is properly hers and for the love and affection I have for my said wife, I sell, transfer and convey to her the following real and personal property . . . .(265 Acres, one yoke oxen both dark red, forty-five head of hogs.)         
Signed 21 April 1878.  David Tittle

Source: Deed in Chattanooga, Hamilton County, TN, Book 24, Page 426-427 from David F. Tittle to wife Margaret Nabors Tittle.


Submitted by Joyce Nell Truitt