Chickamauga Reservoir Cemeteries
By James L. Douthat

Cemetery Relocations
Chickamauga Reservoir

Surveys of the Chickamauga Reservoir disclosed 55 cemeteries located in the area, 50 of which, containing over 3100 graves, were on lands subsequently purchased by the Authority. Twenty-four of these cemeteries, containing about 1300 graves, were either to be flooded or cut off from highway access by flooding of the roads. After identifying the graves and determining the wishes of the relatives that could be located, 425 graves were moved to nearby cemeteries and agreements were secured for 33 graves to remain in their original location. The other graves could not be identified or the relatives could not be located, so the graves were left in the cemeteries without being moved.

Reinterments were made in six nearby existing cemeteries, and in one new cemetery laid out for that purpose. Grave removals were completed in October 1938, requiring about three months from the time work was started. Surveying and mapping of the cemeteries and grave identification work, all preliminary to and necessary for removals, were carried out Intermittently during the three years prior to actual disinterments and reinterments.

Complete regards of the grave removals were kept in duplicate, one set is filed with the permanent records of the Authority, and the duplicate set la in the Maps and Surveys Division files in Chattanooga. A report of the relocations was given to the Tennessee State Department of Health, as required by them.

The total cost to the Authority was about $12,000. This includes the surveying, mapping, Investigative and grave identification work, locating and contracting with relatives, and the disinterment and reinterment work.

(Taken from the original report to the Tennessee Valley Authority written by H. Jervey Kelly - Civil Engineer).

Cemetery Transcription In Progress

Eldridge Family

Harrison Cemetery

Kirklin Cemetery

Maddux Cemetery

McCallie Cemetery

McGill Cemetery

Norman - Eldridge Cemetery

Old Shumaker Cemetery

Padgett Cemetery

Patterson Cemetery

Rawlston Cemetery

Roark Cemetery

Shady Grove Cemetery

Shelton Cemetery

Shirley Cemetery

Smith Cemetery

Spivey Cemetery

Thatcher Cemetery

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