Soddy-Daisy, Tennessee

Wallace Cemetery is located in Soddy-Daisy, TN.  J. A. Wallace donated the land for the cemetery about 1830. In the late 1930s, the Tennessee Valley Authority surveyed Wallace Cemetery, prior to the flooding of Sequoia Reservoir, to determine if the cemetery should be relocated. At that time, Wallace Cemetery "contained 158 well kept graves, all well above the pool contour." Many of the graves were unmarked. The WPA also surveyed the cemetery in the late 1930s. There were only 13 visible markers found when this survey was conducted.  Most in a small, well kept area. The remainder of the cemetery was so overgrown that it was impossible to locate other markers. This survey is a combination of the TVA and WPA surveys and additions from my own survey. Take Highway 27 (Corridor J) north to Soddy-Daisy and take the Hixson Pike/Soddy Daisy exit. Turn left, go 2/10 miles to Dayton Pike and turn right. Go north on Dayton Pike 3/10 of a mile and turn right on Hixson Pike. Wallace cemetery lies on the left side of the road, 4/10 of a mile from Dayton Pike.

Surveyed by Dennis Wilson
July 1, 2001

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Names of individuals in this cemetery were recorded as they appeared on the tombstones. No attempt was made to correct obvious errors or differences in spelling. Every attempt has been made to record this information correctly. However, mistakes are possible.  The information on this page may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other person or organization without the written consent of the contributor, the legal representative of the submitter, or The Hamilton County Tennessee Genealogy Society.

Baddirous, Nashus 00/00/1840 08/15/1881   TVA Record
Baddirous, Robert 10/14/1866 05/17/1893   TVA Record
Brock, Addie H 05/07/1886 06/06/1973 10/06/1899 W/O Lawrence Brock
Brock, Lawrence 06/05/1879 09/22/1927 10/06/1899 H/O Addie H Brock
Carden, D D       1st TN LA Co D; TVA Record
Carter, Ethel 12/12/1879 12/12/1898   TVA Record
Farmer, Laura 02/10/1890 08/12/1890   D/O Geo M Farmer; TVA Record
Farmer, Mary D 07/28/1868 03/21/1891   W/O Geo M Farmer; TVA Record
Griffin, Henry H 02/04/1880 12/20/1882   S/O JC & ME Griffin; TVA Record
Hackler, Margaret Ann   05/22/1937   age 74; TVA Record
Hair, Eliza 00/00/1853 00/00/1908   W/O N R Hair; TVA Record
Hair, James       TVA Record
Hair, Mary Ann       W/O James Hair; TVA Record
Hair, Nicholas Ross 00/00/1851 00/00/1936   TVA Record
Hall, Arthur 01/23/1880 04/13/1918    
Hall, Lilburn 03/08/1836 12/21/1917    
Hickman, Sally A 05/21/1874 09/21/1898   W/O J O Hickman; TVA Record
Holmes, Annie 00/00/1852 00/00/1927   W/O Mack Holmes
Holmes, Mack 00/00/1849 00/00/1901   H/O Annie Holmes
Holt, Mrs. John   01/24/1938   Age 89 Yrs; TVA Record
Hughes, Nannie Bell 00/00/1883 00/00/1959   W/O Willy Darr Hughes
Hughes, Willy Darr 00/00/1877 00/00/1955   H/O Nannie Bell Hughes
Ledford, Nancy D 12/23/1885 05/22/1893   TVA Record
Levi, N   11/17/1902   TVA Record
McRee, America 08/04/1831 09/16/1831   TVA Record
McRee, Elizabeth 02/01/1824 12/13/1852   TVA Record
McRee, Jan Jr 07/22/1797 05/03/1856   TVA Record
McRee, Jane 03/27/1774 03/22/1848   TVA Record
McRee, Margaret H 05/03/1819 04/25/1828   TVA Record
McRee, Mary 08/22/1826 06/04/1848   TVA Record
McRee, Sarah E R 03/05/1835 10/29/1847   TVA Record
McRee, Syntha A 01/24/1822 10/09/1840   TVA Record
McRee, William R 09/02/1832 10/28/1852   TVA Record
McRee, Wm Sr 02/17/1766 03/13/1845   TVA Record
Reed, James Landrum, Rev.   09/18/1905   Read obituary
Mill, Rose Sue       TVA Record
Parks, James       Co B 1 TN Light Artillery
Perry, Emalie G 05/22/1887 07/12/1892   D/O N T & R J Perry; WPA Record
Posey, Henry A 12/24/1886 06/20/1892   S/O J C & M J M Posey; TVA Record
Posey, Jacob   12/08/1928   TN Pvt Hosp Corps; Age 45; TVA Reocrd
Posey, M J M 08/24/1857 04/06/1891   TVA Record
Posey, Mary Almeda   07/00/1928   TVA Record
Posey, Wiley D 07/18/1883 08/04/1883   S/O J C & MJM Posey; TVA Record
Posey, Wiley D       2nd GA Mtd INF; TVA Record
Roberts, Margaret L 02/06/1843 05/10/1912   TVA Record
Roberts, Nancy J 04/30/1855 10/25/1856   TVA Record
Roddy, John 00/00/1790 09/14/1844   TVA Record
Rose, Brooks 00/00/1888 00/00/1954   H/O Viola Rose
Rose, C W 02/02/1857 02/02/1912    
Rose, John       S/O M/M M L Rose; Age 17 yrs
Rose, M E 12/14/1858 06/00/1910   TVA Record
Rose, Nicholas 00/00/1851 00/00/1936   WPA Record
Rose, Oscar Howard 04/05/1919 05/22/1921    
Rose, Sarah E 12/26/1860 07/21/1896   W/O M L Rose; TVA Record
Rose, Viola 00/00/1893     W/O Brooks Rose
Rose, W H       Co I 2nd TN Inf; TVA Record
Scrivner, Minnie Gilliam 09/16/1884 07/23/1909   W/O W H Scrivner; TVA Record
Thomas, W D 08/05/1853 11/18/1922    
Varner, Polly       TVA Record