Chattanooga, Hamilton County, TN

Tittle Cemetery is located on the side of Elder Mountain in the Lookout Valley/Tiftonia area of Chattanooga. It lies off Cash Canyon Road on private property belonging to William Foster. It is a family cemetery believed to have been established by David Tittle. 

Surveyed by William Berry Thompson IV 
and Anne & Dennis Wilson
January 27, 2002


Names of individuals in this cemetery were recorded as they appeared on the tombstones. No attempt was made to correct obvious errors or differences in spelling. Every attempt has been made to record this information correctly. However, mistakes are possible.  The information on this page may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other person or organization without the written consent of the contributor, the legal representative of the submitter, or The Hamilton County Tennessee Genealogy Society.

Deceased Born Died Notes
Foster, Charles Ira 7/2/1873 12/25/1952 Age 79 yrs; S/O John G & Delilah Tittle Foster
Foster, Edward L. 7/14/1951 7/19/1975  
Foster, John G 7/21/1846 9/24/1884 Co B, 10 Conf Cav, CSA; H/O Delilah Jane Tittle
Goins, Annie L. 7/8/1918 10/24/1975 W/O Carl W. Goins, Sr.
Goins, Carl W., Sr. 8/15/1909 8/6/1977  
Goins, Kenneth Wade, Sr. 5/18/1948 12/17/1985  
Goins-Willis, Rebecca Michele 10/24/1988 10/27/1988  
Thompson, Ellen 11/9/1893 5/21/1894  
Thompson, James M 5/15/1884 12/3/1898  
Thompson, Mary Elizabeth Massengale 6/2/1814 2/12/1911 W/O William Thompson
Thompson, William 9/10/1812 1/17/1898  
Tittle, Alonzo 6/17/1874 6/6/1909 S/O George Washington & Mary E. Nabors Tittle
Tittle, Benjamin Franklin 9/13/1857 2/24/1918 *S/O David F & Margaret Nabors Tittle; See obituary
Tittle, George Washington 4/30/1846 2/21/1904 *S/O David F. & Margaret Nabors Tittle
Tittle, Mary Elizabeth   12/24/1929 Info from obituary & Death Certificate W/O George Washington Tittle
Tittle, Mary Etta   5/7/1916 Age 65 yrs; W/O G. Levi  *Second wife of Gilbert Levi
Tittle, Susia 12/2/1889 1/11/1914  
Tittle, William Harrison 3/2/1862 4/29/1903 *H/O Mary Thompson; S/O David F & Margaret Nabors Tittle; See obituary
Tittle, William Walter   12/17/1941 No dates on stone; Information from obituary
S/O George Washington & Mary E. Nabors Tittle
Whittenburg, H C



Unmarked; Info from Obituary
Whittenburg, Van M. 8/2/1879 2/25/1920 See obituary

* Information provided by Joyce Nell Truitt