Chattanooga, Hamilton County, TN

Thompson Cemetery is located in the Lookout Valley area of Chattanooga. It lies on private property on Cash Canyon Road. From downtown Chattanooga travel west on Interstate 24 and exit at Brown's Ferry Road. Turn right on Brown's Ferry Road and go north 1.8 miles turning left on Boydston Road. Turn right on O'Grady and go 3.6 miles. The cemetery is located on the left hand side of the road and not visible. There is a small dirt road marked with "No Trespassing" signs. The cemetery is approximately 500 yards up a steep hill in the woods. The land for the cemetery was owned originally by William Berry Thompson. There are over 100 unmarked graves.

Surveyed  by William Berry Thompson IV 
and Anne & Dennis Wilson
January 27, 2002

Names of individuals in this cemetery were recorded as they appeared on the tombstones. No attempt was made to correct obvious errors or differences in spelling. Every attempt has been made to record this information correctly. However, mistakes are possible.  The information on this page may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other person or organization without the written consent of the contributor, the legal representative of the submitter, or The Hamilton County Tennessee Genealogy Society.

Deceased Born Died Notes
A J M   1926  
Massengale, A J   12/25/1919 Age 69. Unmarked. Info from Death Certificate. Father: Pete Massengale; Mother: Miss Jackson
Massengale, Addie 3/15/1894 11/28/1947 Age 53. W/O Thomas Allen Massengale
Massengale, Albert W 6/17/1927 1/5/1938 S/O Albert W & Victory Campbell Massengale
Massengale, Crawford   11/9/1932 Age 25. Unmarked. Info from Death Certificate. S/O Tom & Susie Lawson Massengale
Massengale, Dan   1/6/1927 Age 67. Unmarked. Info from Death Certificate. S/O P Massengale
Massengale, Daniel 1887 8/25/1960 Age 72
Massengale, Edward 1/5/1928 6/28/1928 Unmarked. Info from Death Certificate. S/O Pete & Rhoda Nash Massengale
Massengale, Franklin D. (Roosvelt) 12/4/1933 1/5/1934 S/O Walter & Victory Campbell Massengale
Massengale, Lucinda 1838 3/23/1922 Unmarked; Info from obituary. D/O Jacob & Mary Bishop Flora; W/O David L. Massengale.
Massengale, Mariah J(ackson) 4/4/1853 12/30/1937 Unmarked; Info from obituary & Death Certificate.D/O Rufus & Mary Jackson
Massengale, Mary Malinda Lusk 9/8/1870 3/17/1922 Unmarked. Info from Obit & Death Certificate. Wife of George Allen Massengale. D/O Samuel & Mary Dykes Lusk.
Massengale, Marvin 2/25/1925 6/30/1927 Unmarked. Info from Death Certificate. Father: A Mitchell; Mother: D Massengale
Massengale, Minnie Mae 10/3/1907 6/30/1920 Unmarked. Info from Death Certificate. D/O A J & Betty Massengale
Massengale, Peter   2/4/1928 Age 54. Unmarked. Info from Death Certificate. S/O J & M Jackson Massengale
Massengale, Ruffus F. 11/1877   Date from 1900 Hamilton Co. Census
Massengale, Susie A. 2/9/1863 2/15/1927 Unmarked. Info from Death Certificate. D/O H Lawson
Massengale, Tom   1/27/1929 Age 70. Unmarked. Info from Death Certificate. Father: Dave Massengale
Massengale, Thomas Allen 4/4/1889 2/18/1937 TN PVT 1CL Inf. H/O Addie Jenno. S/O Silas & Martha Ritchie Massengale
Massengill, Grady   6/24/1928 Age 3. Unmarked. Info from Death Certificate. S/O Tom & Addie Jenno Massengill
Sharp, Frank 06/09/1895 09/13/1933  
Sharp, Herman Grady 9/12/1933 1/9/1959  
Sharp, Louise 11/30/1926 7/11/1928 D/O W. G & Mamie Sharp
Sharp, Lula Patterson 03/17/1903 07/08/1983  
Sharp, William 9/18/1928 10/4/1932 S/O W. G. & Mamie Sharp
Sharp, William G 7/23/1894 6/3/1930 Co. B 307 M.P. A.E.F.
Thompson, Florence Lee Lusk 6/5/1883 11/15/1929 W/O Samuel J Thompson; *D/O Samuel Lusk
Thompson, Martha Jane Johnson 2/15/1852 1/23/1942 W/O William Berry Thompson; *D/O Thomas H. Johnson
Thompson, Rachael 1874
7/1898 Unmarked; WPA Record *D/O William & Mary Jane Thompson; 
Thompson, Samuel J 9/5/1880 10/13/1908 *S/O William Berry Thompson
Thompson, William Berry 12/17/1848 8/26/1944 H/O Martha Jane Johnson Thompson

* Death Certificate information courtesy of Iley Thompson
* Information provided by Anne Templeton Wilson